SONY playstation into China is finalized, but may need to for China’s “special custom”

yesterday, SONY officially announced and Shanghai Oriental pearl group is reasonable, will soon in the future the PS next-gen consoles is introduced into the Chinese market. Interestingly, the cooperation will the Xbox and Microsoft had been introduced to China’s best vision, and now the Shanghai Oriental pearl group, with the radio, film and television group (SMG) belongs to Shanghai culture.

according to mutual agreement, the pearl of the Oriental culture and SONY China will set up two companies in Shanghai free trade zone, respectively responsible for the hardware and software products and services. A plan called the pearl of the Oriental music culture development co., LTD., registered capital of 10 million yuan, the pearl of the Oriental culture holds a 51% stake, SONY China holds a 49% stake. Another plan, SONY computer entertainment (Shanghai) co., LTD., a registered capital of 43.8 million yuan, the pearl of the Oriental culture holds a 30% stake, SONY China holds a 70% stake.

as we had expected, after SONY playstation get here, you also need to accept China game content for review in the future. SONY must ensure that the PS game is “healthy, high quality, in line with China’s national conditions and the local user habits”.

the sources said, in addition to restrictions on the content, SONY officials may for Chinese players to launch a “special PS game console”. The device can’t fit with those who do not conform to the requirements of the game.

last month, Microsoft has officially announced that will unite hundreds of vision was released in China in September this year the Xbox One.