Special project team to follow Google X, Microsoft focus on the next generation of disruptive technology

on April 29, news, although Microsoft has invested a large amount of money for research and development projects, but in the field of research and development, Microsoft’s r&d project cannot with Google (weibo) Google X project. Now, however, Microsoft is building a “Special project (Special Projects)” team, the team will be by the us defense advanced research Projects agency (DARPA) defense before innovation, head of Norman bosom tower Ken (Norman Whitaker) as a director. It is said that the project team will focus on “the next generation of disruptive technology”.

described from the current perspective, the team of Microsoft, similar to Google Google X project team. According to sources, Microsoft’s new team will “special project” by Norman tower as Ken.

Microsoft claimed that despite Microsoft research center of the other workers to “through the way of combining basic and applied research to improve the calculation of art” as the key point, however, Microsoft research team of this “special program” or a start-up team, mainly by the “research and development the next generation of disruptive technology” for their own special tasks.

it is said that Microsoft’s new “special project” team will handle the specific matters including “systems, networks and distributed computing, UX design, equipment, cloud, mobile, artificial intelligence, big data, data center technology in the field of” difficult problem. As a whole, the basic same with Microsoft research work, but more particularity.

Google X laboratory is Google inc., in the main research fields of Internet of things “lunar exploration” similar related business, such as Google driverless cars, machine learning and other cutting-edge technology projects, etc. Google glasses, such as Google balloon is Google X main products of the project.

now, Microsoft has also refused to “special projects” team of personnel matters such as composition and the head of further comment.

source: tencent technology