Splash: can’t play with WeChat bracelets are all play rascal

in the strong tide of thought is wearable equipment, not to put light eye big recruit has been hard to grab the attention. As plump with 15 million registered users, since December 2013, after two bracelets of new recently and social giant “WeChat” to achieve cooperation, take the lead in the domestic issued can directly through the WeChat obtain and share bracelets movement data of a new generation of products – plump hand ring 2 WeChat version. The bracelet will be on July 1st in jingdong mall, new start.

plump hand ring 2 version of uniqueness in micro letter, can play with micro letter! Not only can at any time through micro letter hand ring data management, view the micro letter friends of sports rankings, can also interact with friends, challenge, interesting functions such as competition, will be “fun, you have the spirit of” to the end, as a known as the “most social spirit hand ring”, actually materialises.

at the same time, in order to maximize reduce barriers, using a plump hand ring 2 WeChat version without having to download the APP, also need not complicated account registration, simply WeChat scan can connect, simplify the procedures used to the greatest extent. And on the function, no shrinkage, activity, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind, intelligent alarm clock, etc from soup to nuts.

reveal fashionable technology acme wearing feeling

as a follow the trend, and the most affinity products, plump hand ring 2 WeChat version using minimalism design style, on the basis of perfect streamline arc of human body engineering design, wear when closer to the hand shape; Wrist strap using lightweight material, Mosaic on titanium alloy metal buckle, can freely adjust the size, not only suitable for all kinds of people, experience and make wearing more comfortable. Using 95 highlight LED lighting matrix screen, screen reading movement information be clear at a glance.

plump hand WeChat swimming movement micro era

“there is no social function of hand ring, it is not good ring!” Splash President shen bo, a cloud. With the WeChat reached cooperation is to plump hand ring to further strengthen the “sharing and social function of” experience, let the user not only can the use of more simple bracelet, enjoying convenient movement butler service, but also through competition with WeChat friends PK, interactive functions such as movement rankings, supervise each other incentives, common for unlimited enjoyment. And, of course, this bracelet at the same time also support “splash” APP, satisfy the requirements of users more micro era to the users really enjoy referral. Shen bo said, “we will continue to seek to improve, looking for a breakthrough, let the plump hand ring be the best partner of healthy life of modern people.”

plump hand ring version 2 micro letter starting on July 1,

plump hand ring 2 WeChat version in jingdong mall on July 1 to start product. Invite likes to try new products, have the spirit of the geek users, with a loud splash, experience new product, the pursue is perfect, feeling wearable the change of The Times, constantly explore new areas of health life. To thank and ask this kind of innovation, science and technology and fashion to honor the spirit of the geek sense of life, the first to buy plump hand ring 2 micro letter version of the user can enjoy within 30 days without reason return service.