Spotsetter let maps and social sparks, was eventually apple phase

a few days ago, according to reliable sources, apple has quietly acquired based on big data provide a recommendation Spotsetter social search engine. Spotsetter main train of thought is in the traditional architecture on the map information of a layer of social data, reliable comments from social circle will help the user to make a decision better.

apple bought Spotsetter obviously can effectively remedy his soft spot on the map function, and one step ahead of rival Google, while rich map information into the social elements.

the acquisition of the acquisition of Spotsetter core technology and two senior talents, Google map before engineer Stephen Tse and Johnny Lee (the two LinkedIn introduction also revealed they turned to apple’s arms information.) Part, Spotsetter team member also moved to apple.

Lee last week, the blog are predicted Spotsetter will close service, but its technology spirit will live on:

“we still on for the dream of personalized map search, we will continue to work hard to do better in this field.”

Spotsetter running mode

Spotsetter flagship is social elements, the circle of friends recommend, high credibility of the review content such as combining to the map information, make map search more social.

in short, Spotsetter is a social search engine based on map information. Pointed out previously VentureBeat reported in Spotsetter and Foursquare check-in application with similar points out, but Spotsetter wide difference lies in its resources.

Spotsetter algorithm by using pending patent (patent pending) algorithm from the mainstream social networking platform for social commentary information. Spotsetter selected platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, sets, and Foursquare more than 30 critical sites, and Yelp, Zagat, Michelin, TripAdviser, reliable and the New York times and other media.

until summer 2013 Spotsetter announced that its users have more than 5 million, 40 million related sites, has 1 million selected sites throughout the world.

Spotsetter usage

through Spotsetter site users can search view, keywords retrieval, classification, all search will present a personalized search results, such as additional friends to comment on these sites and so on.

Spotsetter will highlight the “professionals” in the circle of friends, such as had considerable experience in coffee, shopping, sushi. Users can also add your own tags, optimize Spotsetter relevant recommendation results.

at the same time, users can also use Spotsetter see friends everywhere, and they share the content, to discover new interesting places.

Lee said that users don’t have to be accurately search, Spotsetter can at the right time to push the right amount of outstanding recommendations.” Users can rest assured enjoy trip, need not near to search more good things.”

Spotsetter initially support Web page end with mobile terminal, the compatible with iOS and Android platform, it is understood that the future will also be involved in wearable smart devices such as Google Glass, and has been in the stage of legend iWatch. Spotsetter blog has said several months ago, on the can wear Dai Ping recommendation forms will be very praise was “magic”.

financing, acquisition overview

Spotsetter via the earliest AngelPad incubator hatch in the spring of 2012, then raised $1.3 million in seed rounds, and cast party except AngelPad includes Rahul Prakash, 2020 Ventures, and Javelin Venture Partners, etc.

it is understood that the offer Spotsetter and apple have been approached for some time, but last week said in other companies interested in May participate in the acquisition, the apple is in the ear of finalising the deal. (the current feedback of the story is yet to be apple.)

the current specific information about the acquisition is not much, but it is understood that the investor is quite satisfactory.

Via: TC