Square, looking to sell, apple Google is potential buyers

according to the latest Wall Street journal reported, founded by Jack Dorsey star mobile payments startup Square in troubled, is seeking to sell. Potential buyers, including Google, apple and Paypal.

month ago media widely reported Square was originally scheduled for this year’s listing plan will be delayed indefinitely. Report points out, if the Square failed to realize IPO dream, then the company may be pressure from shareholders, and demand giant acquisitions.

Square the deepening losses, cash flow continuously to dry up. Although its products is very popular with small and medium-sized owners, Square faces the competition has been pressuring, greater crisis is on ordinary consumers, Square launched mobile payment related applications widely accepted is not ordinary people.

quoted sources revealed that, Google in 2012 and Square in talks to buy, earlier this year to talk again. In addition, Square has had an informal discussion with apple and eBay to buy.

of course, Square, the official spokesman denied that talks with companies such as Google for sale.

Square is the focus for the past three years mobile payments startup, raising up to $340 million. After the rapid development of the early, however, it faces serious losses. Sources close to the Square losses of $100 million last year, is further expanded in 2012. Once power take-off Square and good cooperation relationship between starbucks has now burst, starbucks promotes its mobile applications.

the news that Jack Dorsey prefer to sell the company to apple, not Google. It says Square’s temperament and Google doesn’t fit, but closer to the apple (after all, head of the Square’s hardware from apple job-hopping). But now the layout of the apple in the mobile payment is relatively perfect, and Google “Google wallet” project progress is not smooth, need to buy more mobile payments to compensate for the company.