“Star” in the test, Google browser bookmarks to gourmet

. Want to see if this function improved, can through the star image as a result, a YouTube video, Google + page even a personal address book to search.

according to the current source code, Google Stars can make you completely can search all bookmarks. All star collection belong to personal privacy, but he may share in a common folder. Google will automatically organize your bookmarks, detection and failure page no value. “Through the filter to categorize your star collection, is convenient for you in the finishing of the content model project good to find what you need.” Bookmarks will be in the bookmark library become note-taking.

Kiersch on The Verge of wrote in an E-mail: “Google particular pictures, video and web site source code search, but considering The starred capacity design almost all functions (email, Google drive documents, maps, etc.), I think you will like The Google search into all things under The Stars.” He believes that can change on Google released in the I/O developer conference in June.