Startup push new COINS dig chip, can reduce energy consumption by 50%

a company from Germany is trying to finance to develop a new high-performance microchips, it has been said that the chip is able to make the currency mining become less energy. Want to know, now the currency of the mining need to consume every day 1000 megawatts of electricity, enough to power supply for 30000 family.

this performance is quite important, since mining encryption currency, is essentially a series of process to solve the problem of complex mathematical – requires a lot of computing power and cooling systems in place to ensure that the so-called special integrated circuit does not overheat.

based in Dresden, Germany ASICrising co., LTD. (is transforming to CoinBau co., LTD), claimed that they had found the method to solve the problem of large amount of calculation and processor overheating. The company’s chief executive, Sebastian Krause told the Wall Street journal, they have developed an energy-saving and low voltage chip, together with the related software, can make the currency in the process of mining the required energy consumption by half.

this is called Wolfblood Extreme Efficiency of microchips in 0.19 J/GH – currency mining mathematical equations for computing power – far more than the current market the best Efficiency of 0.37 J/GH chip.

COINS mining is different from some chips, by contrast, application-specific integrated circuit for more complex, such as the British ARM microprocessor. Specifically, the currency of the mining of application-specific integrated circuit is responsible for only one thing: calculation algorithm of COINS, the sooner the better.

however, the low pressure of application-specific integrated circuit chip problem is not reliable, it is also a low pressure side effects under the condition of running the processor. In the past, under the premise that the minimum voltage could reach design a high efficiency and energy saving chip is always difficult, because of the low power supply voltage often leads the chip is not reliable. But ASICrising RacyICs also from Germany’s chip design company and a company claims that they have developed a can be found in the currency of the mining process into a single chip possible minimum voltage software – essentially a common issue to solve the currency link multiple computers at the same time. ASICrising also claims that the software makes the reliability of the chip, greatly increasing, at the same time, it can improve the efficiency of the chip.

University of Munster in Germany (University of Munster) economics and computer science professor at Rainer B? ASICrising company design hme said, “you will be a leap, but not enough to” world on fire. For ASICrising companies, he says, are cumulative progress in the past two years, the so-called “energy consumption in half” is only a small part of the.

however, all COINS miners are faced with the same problem: all chips for COINS to mining the day has just run out of ideas. The hunted, when has a higher efficiency of the chip into the market, their computing power will, in turn, has prompted the built-in currency algorithm (a kind of yield and the market in order to standardize the currency in circulation, the currency designers in this our structure design of woven into COINS) become more complicated. Therefore, compared to dig into the currency, the miners will also spend more on energy costs.

ASICrising claimed to have been semiconductor manufacturers, Romania’s company in cooperation with the United States; And the company will at a plant in Dresden, Germany for the new chip production, the premise is ASICrising companies to financing of $10 million to $15 million to start production at the same time to pay for other costs. On the other hand, Romania, does not comment on the project.

Source: WSJ