Successful social advertising is “let the Colgate users to buy crest”

when it comes to social media platforms, we could only think of Facebook, Twitter, which not only social networking platform, the strong momentum in the advertising business in also to be reckoned with, Facebook has become the world’s second largest mobile advertisers, late last year in April released the results of advertising business also shows its good development momentum; The other compartments Twitter since became involved in advertising business 09, recent years development situation is good, (5) at the end of a few days ago and advertising giant macro au (Omnicom) reached a cooperation, can want to see the bright future of Twitter mobile advertising business.

look, social platform advertising business is busy, so social platform does advertising effect?

Datalogix social media advertising is one of the largest power to “company name” data analysis.

as Datalogix do data analysis service company and also many, Epsilon, Acxiom, advertisers on BlueKai are strong competitors, can in the fierce competition, the strength of the visible Datalogix. At the same time, Datalogix collaborators also have to be reckoned with – partners including Google, yahoo, ebay and other industry in bulk.

so, what is the special a Datalogix? Small make up it’s to the 818 with you.

analysis model: unicom online

a long period of time, corporate advertising is unilaterally put out their own product promotion, but always can’t know exactly what their own ads whether useful and effective. With electronic advertising media, now for the advertising effect gradually many, the analysis of the way and puts forward the concrete data, Datalogix will throw money advertising enterprises (advertisers) from “guess” in the circle to the scientific analysis of the results of the path.

here is the way of Datalogix operation mode.

offline, the user with A supermarket loyalty card discount buy Colgate toothpaste. Information at this time will be Datalogix access, and anonymous, eliminating the user A privacy information, provide the some customer characteristic data related to Facebook.

Facebook after receiving information, can know A user is A user will buy toothpaste, when Facebook can be directed to the user A crest of advertising.

crest via Facebook platform targeted advertising function for product promotion, advertising pay $2 each targeted advertising users. When these directional promotion target users start to buy crest, and the average monthly spending $10 for a crest toothpaste, Facebook will through the data to prove their platform for crest bring an income of $8 to attract crest continue to advertise on Facebook, or even increase investment quota.

of course, hard to avoid some users expressed disgust for the data tracking and concern. These users can be provided by Datalogix “exit” tools to avoid the data were collected using.

but then again, there will always be advertising online to see, if willing to sacrifice a little bit of privacy, at least to see advertisements are used, also is one of the benefit.

financing situation: many supporters, IPO is expected to

in April last year, Datalogix B round by Institutional Venture Partners (IVP) led, raised $25 million.

Datalogix this C round of financing a total of $45 million by the Wellington Management Company led, and cast parties including the original Institutional investors Venture Partners.

at the same time, in April this year, there were also reports Breyer Capital also Datalogix investing a big sum, founder Jim Breyer also to want to join the board, but this investment has not released details.

Datalogix is expected to raise money for optimization services, expand feeling, to develop other quantitative evaluation service, and try to provide more detailed data analysis results – whether advertising will affect buying patterns according to user’s habits.

the Datalogix since April 2013, revenues have increased by 50%. Have the stable stage, the future development opportunity are many, Datalogix is also ready to start IPO. According to the Wall Street journal, Datalogix recent approach with Goldman sachs, deutsche bank, barclays bank, for the upcoming IPO for up to $75 million.

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