Yes yes, it has arrived! and as now I have much more free time than before because I have returned to the gym, which means that in the end I left Sanda.

The other day I was in the machines when a blonde girl passed by, a head shorter than me and half a body, I immediately thought, well, look to get into the gym .. how skinny she is .. the same is anorexic, poor thing …

The fact is that it was put in the machine that was going to go so while she ended up went to another, after a while I saw her pass so I went to the machine that touched me and what was my surprise, when I normally do 25kg, I was 45, I definitely thought someone has come through, impossible for that girl to raise 45 if I can barely 30.

I kept the fly behind my ear and followed her to the next machine, this time I noticed that no one was between her and me.

The machine is this you lie down and push with your feet up a metal plate, according txea you must lift at least your weight (logical).

Well I saw her that she made three sets of 10 and without any problem, as soon as she got up I went there, at first I saw many big weights on the sides but I thought: if she could … the fact is that I lay down, I put my feet and I pushed with all my strength Auuuhhmmmfffffffffff, I noticed how my ankles, my knees, my hip and that started to turn red red red, and worst of all, that I did not move an inch, how embarrassed, a little surprised me I put to add the kilos of weights that the machine had and they added almost 120 !!! I had to remove 40 kg to be able to use the machine.

And I was very surprised because I’ve been playing football in different teams all my life and at least my legs are very developed, but even so, the skinny blonde gave me a lesson, as if someone tried to rape her and throw her on him. Used to lift 120 kg can finish the uncle on a roof.

Speaking of gym I was hungry and I made a break to go to make food, today has played fish but with so much meat … and I like little because I put prawns and garlic for it while it cooks another flavor. In the picture you can see that I am eating the dessert while doing the fishing xD like the rich ones: D

Well, continuing where I left off, now that the summer arrives, people go out of their way, and there is more to see in my gym, when a “decent” girl passes, there is a danger that more than one will get hurt depending on which machine is xD

Even yesterday when I went to the pool, the panorama was amazing, people strutting like an animal in heat. In fact it seemed that they gave abs and pectorals to the entrance, my mother that geeks cachas, I was going to wear my “little body” and I was left with the desire xDDD next year will have to start before the operation “cachitas”

Even by the network also some are noted, and spoke a few days ago tuenti and how people use it to “flirt” well, yesterday I received a very curious message via this social network:

good, would you like to have me as a servant or a buffoon of yours or of your colleagues? to put me down and abuse my a sack, are you going? I have a photo and msn, I’m not gay, I just look for submission, you fuck me, I serve glasses, clean, what do you say, you go?

I guess it will be some joke though .. who knows .. better not find out

You have to see how people like the “morbid” Internet, the cyber-sex, that secrecy that surrounds everything but for example the blog of elektra, which moves masses … what if a guy wrote? because as far as I know, nothing is known about “the author”

Anda that there will be uncles disguised as aunts and for good example the IRC .. xDDDD I have done it myself (I had my reasons, since they pay more attention to you according to what nicks) and you do not know the guards that I had to endure .

In short, to enjoy all of the summer;)