Suning crowdsourcing platform, take creative products the first hardware gather intelligence

(word/qing nan)

after long brewing and exploration, suning today officially released the crowdsourcing platform, it is also continue to suning expand the whole category, build open platform after another step, that is to be after the mature product sales scale, next to a more creative focus of new product.

crowdsourcing concept actually has a long history, exquisite is essentially projects, to participate. According to the understanding of su ning itself is, with the aid of O2O carrier all channels as the core, to provide from the creative works — – products – goods – items crowdsourcing services needed by each phase transformation solution, a creative transformation, product incubation, brand amplification and the acceleration of market expansion.

in growing demand for personalized, intelligent hardware and other products for customers, more and more creative ideas, products come to birth, but now in surplus economy, new social circumstances, start-up team from product innovation, design, production, sales each link is facing a big obstacle, such as any loss may cause the product failed. Therefore, it is imperative to its advantage of industry chain.

Su Ningzhong package the general idea of how? Core is open all the information, the outsourcing, namely the integration of the requirements definition, industrial design, product development, big data/cloud services, content services, financial incubation, manufacturing, quality control, brand licensing, marketing, sales channels, logistics management and after-sales service of the whole production chain crowdsourcing resources, from idea to the package of the best-selling solutions, intention to create high quality products, help China innovation industry development. , suning will use big data resources to guide product ideas, to meet user requirements, and provide the support of finance, sales channels, and synchronization in suning online sale to display.

in terms of specific measures, Su Ningyun quotient, executive vice President of commodity business headquarters Wang Zhe said quickly, pushing, free, help, live, six policies. Fast is to point to by su ning sales, after sales and logistics system to establish channels; Push is a product of crowdsourcing platform can enjoy treatment of suning own product standards; Free refers to the big data/enjoy free suning cloud service resources; Help refers to suning has set up a 1 billion yuan credit funds platform, to invest in good projects or underwriting reservation deposit; To live is to point to flexible cooperation mode; L refers to suning will build communication platform for the members, to realize the value of the platform.

Wang Zhe said, suning formed nearly a special team of crowdsourcing. According to the plan, 2015 “Su Ningzhong package” target is RMB 25 billion, 2017 sales will reach 45 billion yuan. And these goals will be the first to focus on the 3 c, intelligent identification hardware products, household appliances and the Internet, the product will be more late of extending to the maternal and infant products, department stores, daily necessities and other products.