Suning promotion won’t phone so hard, the next step is to invest?

su ning, the established firms the latest trend is worth pondering.

Su Ningyi purchase official weibo announced: “star in love with the beautiful cell phone 2 a strong hit, suning and beautiful big mergers – the beautiful phone 2 su ning 900 stores across the country and Su Ningyi bought exclusive first!

electricity enterprise joint smartphones starting is not new, huawei honor united jingdong first, zte cats are recent cases starting joint day. But su ning and beautiful images in addition to the meaning of the channels of cooperation, the two firms seem to go too deep.


as the focus for this beautiful su ning strategic cooperation, most companies will be in suning 60 cities all over the country’s most suning stores to open 900 mobile phone experience. 2 in addition to the beautiful mobile phone in the beautiful website and the beautiful Tmall flagship store sales, the strategic cooperation with suning, suning will take advantage of their own offline, a rich beautiful phone 2 offline channels, more convenient for users to experience the beautiful phone 2 acme take effect, in order to improve the user experience. And according to the relevant person in charge of suning communications, the star, watches the beautiful phone 2 is also one of the main su ning “mobile phone” of the family members, suning will rely on their own O2O double advantage, will be shown below, and share experience with online, a combination of interactive, quickly complete the beautiful lands national phone 2, and set the entire network resources power won’t phone 2’s online promotion.

look at these words, 900 offline store, main force of the family of mobile phone, concentrated tech-oriented web resources, and it’s not like the usual channels of cooperation, and more like a marriage.

suning so hard that figure is what?

can think of the reason is the cooperation of su ning can use and the beautiful company a O2O pressure test, although su ning has launched the strategy of O2O, thunder is great, but how heavy the rain, the industry is also waiting for suning surrender the transcript. Suning earnings, profit margins, the outside world a voice questioned suning O2O strategy.

and the beautiful cooperation is that the meaning of suning O2O a significant practice. Previously, is not a smart phone like the beautiful can be quickly opened a 900 phone experience store, and the mobile experience store will become suning the best field test online and offline service ability. The test of su ning of a complete set of marketing, service, logistics and other O2O link.

to some extent, the beautiful mobile phone how many we sold 2, how many points is called su ning O2O.

the beautiful phone 2 precision positioning user groups, in the domestic many smart phone manufacturers, is a handful of flagship mobile phones autodyne brand, this is no choice and Tmall or jingdong first also caught the attention of the industry, so the depth of cooperation to avoid let people’s speculation, suning such force holding the beautiful whether there are other intentions.

suning will occur through capital means and the beautiful relationship?

this speculation is not groundless, after suning acquisition PPTV have let the outside world, has seen the determination of suning Internet transformation. Then, suning acquisition be interpreted as a suning comprehensive Internet, accelerate the transformation of the key steps, is suning to promote digital content products, the layout of the drainage entrance.

but throughout the layout of the su ning currently mobile end few big movement, the beautiful phone 2 and behind the picture show are potentially good mobile Internet assets, suning will pass through the beautiful, enhance the layout of the mobile Internet?

the picture show on the mobile end how strong?

according to public information, according to the picture show is China’s most popular image processing software, from the earliest to the latest PC version of the mobile version, the picture shows has covered eight platforms, in Windows (PC), apple’s iOS and Google android three platforms for similar products market share first. As of March 2014, the United States a picture show users has exceeded 490 million, of which more than 300 million mobile users, more than 20 million active users.

in the picture show, for the origin, most companies have products from PC to mobile terminal, from hardware to software and cloud. Currently, most companies have a beautiful picture show, the camera is beautiful to see and skin care, beauty: stick, the beautiful GIF and other well-known Internet products.

as of March 2014, the beautiful company has 730 million users, mobile users, more than 370 million, processing more than 500 million images, has become the mobile Internet is the world’s most beautiful company the picture of the main entrance. In October 2013, according to the third party mobile application data App Annie: according to research data released on apple’s App store, in the download statistics of the global top 10 in the rank of application developers, most companies ranked ninth in the world, and became one of only three listed Chinese companies. Also from App Annie, according to data in apple’s iOS and Google android mobile platform, and according to user downloads the “2013 China market than games developers rank”, most companies ranked fourth in the Chinese market, and the BAT of cow force is the top three.

the beautiful has gradually grown into a level platform of the mobile Internet company.

layout on the mobile end, suning is a lot slower pace, baidu is by buying 91 to make up the time window, suning follow leading mobile Internet company baidu investment do not break is a short cut. So will produce chemical reaction in suning and beautiful?

the beautiful besides can help suning expanding influence in the field of Internet and mobile Internet, drainage, now you can see, the beautiful women gathered a lot of consumer groups and its products and it won’t don’t have cash, and female group centralized electricity gather beauty has been valued at $3 billion, suning to provide electricity to the beautiful future services, and the temptation to build online mall can be quickly fall to the ground, it is also a huge mining stock market.

all in all, su ning in the mobile Internet need to port, and the beautiful is a super port, grafting of suning can be all kinds of imagination.