Suning why big push free sticker

recently, su ning announced that from yesterday began to provide free sticker, regardless of your mobile phone was bought in that, no matter you have a film or no film, are free to post, suning provided free of charge without membrane, the first open 34 cities. It a, immediately up, have to this kind of practice appreciated, also have experience to bad review, after all in all, the author to objectively analyze the suning why efforts to push this thing.

wine inebriate of weng

suning open free sticker, numerous supporters, including the author is in favor of, after all make suning time “living lei feng” is a very not easy thing, there are a lot of net friend also say that “a lot of income of tens of thousands of ancestral craft workers out of a job.” But after yesterday has been to suning stores user feedback, the author understands a few information, first, first of all need to register in suning stores personal information, a person is limited to stick a, second, more than 5 inch mobile phone basic cannot stick, third, mobile phone film is cut, stick bubbles inevitably some, after the fourth, the clerk will recommend Su Ningyi purchase software, but not mandatory.

see here, perhaps you already know, this is a request free of charge. The ancients cloud: the desire to take the first, will be the first. Sticker is small, but you can build a large database of potential users, later can send promotion information to the user’s mobile phone or return information, in order to increase the user viscosity and recognition.

for the sticker need to cut and five inches above won’t stick, the author thinks that the reason of this is suning ill-prepared, maybe this free sticker strategy is to improvise, wanted to come out and perform, from idea to execution period is not long, so don’t fully prepared, or the amount of the finished product membrane model is not enough, temporary substitute general film first, and now look at the spread of the effect is good, influence is also big, is going to do it for a long time, equipped with different types of membrane and sufficient manpower. The author believe that gome and suning is sure of his competitors someone thought free sticker this strategy, but why is suning first step? This is the power of execution, died in many enterprises lack of execution, with this article I will for suning point a praise.

in addition, the author thinks that su ning the clerk in the recommended users to install Su Ningyi purchased APP, also won’t refuse to how many users, after all is a free press, most just dropped the APP uninstall after go home.

according to the latest data show that as of 18:00 yesterday, suning stores the first 34 cities received sticker close to 100000 users, sticker to more than 180000 copies, even if 1% of APP installed selective, that there are more than 160000 phone installed the Su Ningyi buy APP. Now electricity APP promotion is very difficult, a real user installation costs android at about 5 pieces, ios at around 10, then according to the market proportion of android and apple phones 9.5:1.5, the android user value 680000, ios users value 240000, added together is 920000. Of course, this is not the late installation user consumption into account.

the time of day, suning has saved millions of APP promotion fee, and stretched a lot of potential customers, also before filling the lack of big data, su ning, asymmetric this already make enough attention, also make enough opportunities in mobile Internet, have to say is very clever.

traditional enterprises need the Internet thinking

360 chairman zhou also forward the su ning li bin’s weibo, said “the free strategy of suning are the real Internet thinking, create value for users, overturn the traditional model.” In fact, the film may cost is not high, but the demand is very strong, so excellent free mode of thinking.

Internet thinking, the author understood in addition to a free lunch, “can be said,” even assuming that announced the news in stores, estimate is no sound. More core, the age of the Internet, is to use “pick up” white people after the great voice, message transmission, accidentally will do a free marketing for products. According to the previous traditional marketing mode, may hit a lot of money to do the traditional marketing, also is not necessarily better than the effect to be the free press.

estimates that the Internet will be series of mainstream thinking, free program to attract customers first, and then use the vast customer base to promote value-added projects. Since there is a free, why don’t you go to the user? Go after discovering they have other need products and services, anyway, all want to buy, where to buy is not buy? So just to earn the money.

at this point, the author give suning a recruit, since is a service industry, if users ask still provide what services. I’d like to suggest: spring dust haze masks ready for us. This summer you visit, please prepare the cool refreshing green bean soup (ice cream or green bean cake instead). Autumn delicious fruits listed you have to point for us. In the winter in su ning shopping to pair of white gloves, will not affect the mood of shopping because of the electrostatic…