Surprisingly, today’s headlines started selling goods!

on July 18, “today’s headline” is planning to launch guide electricity product sale today. Recently, there are many famous brands, “today’s headline” recently received the invitation, invite them to participate in the offering is called “today’s sale” brand sale project closed.

a received invitations, said an official with the tradition of men’s clothing brand electrical contractor “sale today” is the guide electricity form: a user clicks on a merchant on the “today” sales promotion activity to promote figure, will jump to the businessman in Tmall, Beijing east, Vipshop, shop in stores in electric business platform, such as 1. Specific process is: the user click on the business activities to promote figure into the channel page, then click on the item into the product details page, and finally click on the links to jump to other electric business platform to buy.

the electricity of the dealer said, today’s headlines in communication with him said, start, “today the headline” the merchant’s advertising to “today’s headline” PC and mobile terminal interface, new activities on a daily, each business activity duration of the home is in commonly 3 to 5 days. At the same time, “the headline” today is still in the development of “today’s sale” APP. Independent APP after launch, “today” sales promotion activity will gradually shift to the independent APP, but “today’s headline” PC and the mobile client will also continue to “today’s sale” diversion.

as we have learned, the biggest feature of “sale” today the personalized recommendation based on the digital mining, different users will receive a recommendation. Merchants in the products provided to “today’s headline” activities, need to fill in the details of the target population positioning: including user age, gender, regional, hobbies, etc.

“today the headline” to invite businessmen, said the flow of each sales basic fixed, so the merchants on the target user, the more accurate positioning, traffic conversion rate will be higher. “Today’s headline” commitment to the businessman from 300000 show, general click-through rates at around 5%.

today’s headlines, private investment standards are published to the businessman of the dealer day cat shop attention for over 10000 or taobao shop credit rating in more than one crown, and maintain the DSR score three full red (higher than the industry average standard). Every time with the merchants also recommended goods must be in accordance with awareness, monthly sales of over thousand, is the historical lowest three criteria, and does not receive health care products, adult products, Internet financial products, beauty equipment, such as the category of goods.

charging mode, start, “sale” today is taobao guest commission model, settlement at the CPS pattern. (million to help power)