Survios, do virtual reality in the field of “Microsoft”

about Oculus presumably everyone not unfamiliar, the Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of the company since its formation is famous for virtual reality (VR) technology, the acquisition of the Facebook is to let the industry to the Oculus represented by the immersive virtual reality technology has more looking forward to it.

【 Oculus successors 】

Survios is Oculus again after a good prospects, was sold on the basis of virtual reality technology start-ups. Has Survios raised $4 million, money brings plenty of resources and opportunities, expand the original 10 people team, accelerate development pace, launched in 2015 products, and so on has moved on Survios schedule plan, it is conceivable Survios fusion is also expected to make their own hardware and software products are the ultimate virtual reality system.

then, Survios with the now famous Oculus also a origin, founder of the Oculus Palmer Luckey has Mixed Reality at the university of southern California Lab, and Survios creative director James Iliff with another director Nathan Burba also worked in the laboratory, and complete the game project at the university of southern California. Survios team was at the university of southern California Holodeck part of the project, special challenges all sorts of questions surrounding the immersive virtual reality technology.

【 into can attack back can keep flattering strategy 】

although a bit “relation”, but with Oculus Survios walk is different development route, more Survios ambitions, it wants to build a complete system of virtual reality. As a successor, Survios actually more flattering – based on the role of of all kinds of existing equipment to a higher degree of integration framework is used to derive a complete virtual world.

now Survios Oculus based helmets and even cable handle to let the user to interact with the virtual reality world. Survios, meanwhile, will also use SONY Move controller for position tracking, ensure that the user changes the virtual experience perspective. Survios except perspective also took into account the effect of sound field, enrich the azimuth of audio information, allows users to feel the change of object orientation by sound.

at present, the user can hold back a battery Survios system of a complete set of equipment, but from the point of trial model, a full set of equipment is still slightly bulky, had to expect Survios made good my promise to further optimize product process.

Survios virtual reality system in addition to the hardware devices, also includes the relevant software. Have experience said Survios games provides 360 – degree experience no dead Angle, real reduction degree is quite high. According to the Iliff, excellent hardware facilities and outstanding software complement each other be short of one cannot. Obviously Survios to combine their own hardware equipment research and development software and games, but it is understood that Survios also considers the software and the independence of the game development, even in poor hardware market, software and games has a good performance on other platforms.

the Iliff, Microsoft access is not suitable for Suivios demand, while SONY program to Morpheus helmet is worth looking forward to, he said, virtual reality is still in the fledgling stage, and all kinds of new powers to join is expected to bring new vigor and opportunities.

[financing situation]

recently quite a few companies have to master relevant technology of virtual reality season ushered in his “financing” — the main Virtuix of virtual reality technology to raise $3 million m, immersive video companies have raised $6.8 million Jaunt, virtual reality field has become investment hot spots, technology gradually mature companies are also more gradually up. Leading industry of the Oculus soon plans to launch a low price version in Rift helmet expand the market, and Survios such newborn calves also intends to rely on in Rift carved out virtual reality ecosystem further development.

according to the Iliff Oculus acquisition, make the industry attention of virtual reality technology has reached the high – “let the virtual reality technology is becoming more mainstream, also to promote the development of the industry as a whole”, the financing Survios that time is in the middle stage, the prestige of the Oculus and Facebook made a lot of help, is timely.

the financing by Shasta Ventures led, Michael Chang (EA development director, before Mavent Partners now managing director), Gen Isayama (World Innovation Lab), Renata Quintini (Felicis Venture) isoparametric shot. Shasta, after the completion of financing Venture partner Rob Coneybeer will enter Survios board of directors, the several arguments for personnel will also as a consultant.

Via: Venture Beat