Swim in the depths of management issues, CEO Wang Tao Chen Dewen estrangement with the President?

/what meng li, source: sina science and technology

changyou President Chen De view the declaration of my fight, will swim management problem into the spotlight as never before. Last week, changyou CEO Wang Tao Intranet in the company launched the “his letter to swim all the people in the article, explains the internal change of the swim.

however, there are swimming insiders told sina science and technology, by the internal BBS Wang Tao already in the declaration of my battle Chen Dewen post direct response under the Chen Dewen complain to management problems:

“all complaints, is from the ego, no exceptions. With what kind of life and work is not the point, the point is you use what kind of attitude to life and work. What happens is not key, the key is how do you go to explain the matter. Complain about words will only attract more things for you to complain about. A lot of people with complaints, fight to try to solve the problem, that can only push off he had in mind.

with the gauntlet, for example, try to return to simple and happy environment, it is made. Political factions, reform has been done, backfire.

with the facts and give solutions that focus on the things, is an effective method, and expression of the respected.”

you can see, in response to Wang Tao for changyou “faction”, “reform” of call a spade a spade, he also persuade Chen Dewen said, complaining doesn’t solve the problem.

“complex” Wang Tao

in Rome is not build in one day. Now swim in management issues, also from the Wang Tao this man.

Wang Tao is a know both development, planning, market, operational and knowledge of the game all rounded. When Wang Tao individual ability is outstanding, not only are popular in the team. At the time of the firefox studio, to still into, mighty, WeiQing such well-known game, unite the all around Wang Tao, wisdom is the success of “tian long ba bu” later.

then, as a result of “tian long ba bu” proud achievement, firefox studio as sohu separate independent subsidiary, and renamed sohu swim, Wang Tao as chief executive. Swimming is also listed on independence in 2009, Wang Tao thus reached the summit of my career.

however, as a main contributor “tian long ba bu” is into the left sohu swim founded kylin games, the latter’s “genghis khan” has been considered by Wang Tao is a plagiarism. And it is in and the success of “genghis khan” also let Wang Tao management way of thinking changed.

a from sohu swim, near Wang Tao staff wei wei (a pseudonym) told sina science and technology, and then Wang Tao started to catch changyou’s internal management, from the network access control, to the computer usb output interface, such as limit. Since then, Wang Tao began to think that a company needs a common spiritual beliefs can better to move forward.

if the rain roof leak, as Wang Tao become increasing distrust in employees, “the deer and the cauldron OL” mediocre let him firmly, change the idea of the company from the spiritual beliefs.

Wendy and his outstanding operation system

as Wang Tao hesitated, then worked in huawei Pan Wenjuan, namely Wendy mentioned in the declaration of my fight, entered the Wang Tao field of vision. Pan Wenjuan in huawei for 15 years, mainly responsible for huawei’s strategy implementation and project management, but also lead the team for the integrated product development (IPD) and integrated financial services (IFS) deployment of the system.

Wang Tao value Pan Wenjuan in huawei’s management experience, and want her to be in the swim to establish the standardized process management. To this end, swim in January of last year, also for Pan Wenjuan specially added the position of chief information officer (CIO). Pan Wenjuan also officially began in swim to promote “excellence operation system”.

wei wei told sina science and technology, excellent operation system’s main duty is to help the business standard process, including combing business process, establishing the department documents, pick out the business problems, and finally form the department dismantled, all business into an assembly line system, modular, the work of all the business, “normalization”. According to this model, all the company’s all business shall be applying and executed.

therefore, changyou has created special department called “outstanding operation system” lines of business, for changyou’s each department and branch business process combing with planning, belonging to the responsible also includes “area & amp; Lines of business service system “and” love heart business management “. Wei wei said that because of the excellent operation system business line employees generally has no experience in business, so the final build process instead cause most of the employees, including Chen Dewen inner and resistance.

according to Chen Dewen, excellent operation department is still expanding, from the size of 442 people this year increased to 770 people, and this part of the people generally are not familiar with the business but to bear the help the business department of the duties of a process.

in the way of the game away

once Wen Wangtao’s response to Chen Dewen as you can see, with the help of fujian province has had a bad blood between two people, under the condition of the right-hand man complained publicly that the management system, chose quite Pan Wenjuan Wang Tao still. Wei wei, in two months ago, changyou, vice President of a king has inherited the best of its all games business (including the swim, swim, mobile game), and Chen Dewen will mainly responsible for changyou’s other business besides the game.

Chen Dewen also adds in the declaration of my fight, “thanks to the American legal system, if I don’t resign, the company is only the board could get rid of me.” The intensify contradictions to swim now is just a microcosm of the six months of this year, changyou has four executives has left:

on February 10, changyou CFO resignation alex ho, on March 4, 2014, chief financial officer ChengWen interim chief financial officer position;

on February 11, changyou mobile operations business Chen guojun confirmed departure;

on February 19, seventh avenue COO (chief operating officer) Meng Zhiyun, CPO (chief product officer) and the divine comedy, head of the studio humic have left.

at the top of the turmoil in the final response to the company’s business online, online tour edition hand last year “tian long ba bu” quickly folded halberd in hand travel market, sources said this product even failed to recover the cost of development, swim inside also has carried on the significant adjustments to the team.

once brought swim huge revenue “play hall” and “the divine comedy” in the first quarter of the number of active users and revenues were down. End tour “tian long ba bu” unable to releasing new expansion in the first quarter, revenue also fell.

swim network game business in the first quarter on revenue of $163.4 million, fell 5%, fell 2% year on year. Gross profit was $136.8 million, fell 6%, fell 6% year on year.

from the company as a whole, swim in the first quarter net loss of $19.9 million, compared with $88.3 million over the same period last year net profit fell 122.5%, compared with $43 million last quarter net profit fell 146.3%.