SyScan360 conference marks: tesla was cracked at the scene

in today’s network security has become increasingly complex, companies and technicians to preface the communication technology and the achievement is all the more urgent. A two-day 2014 SyScan360 congress today, from 9 countries and regions of 18 top safety instructors to participate in, for the industry security provides a rich dinner.

SyScan security technology conference as one of the most well-known network information safety meeting of Asia, has successfully held 22 times. In October 2012, SyScan debut in Beijing, hand in hand together to held SyScan360 information security summit 360, is now the third. The competition is always in line with the attitude of open, equality, professional and rigorous, and safety technical personnel together to share their research, exploration, practice and discovery, hope to be able to and discussed the latest development trend of information security, at the same time around the world show the cutting edge of information security research.

this year SyScan360 issues covering Windows, iOS, Android system security, car attack, cloud services, and many other areas, in addition, the world’s first smart car crack challenge — tesla crack series, has been packaged.

the game started on July 16, nearly 20 security technology enthusiasts for up to 24 hours of a challenge, a group of challenger is the youngest of two students from zhejiang university. Players around tesla system browser, mobile phone APP and lasted for three rounds of the intelligent engine system simulation invasion.

in the afternoon on July 17, 360 network attack and defense laboratory security experts also demonstrates a few days and submitted to found tesla’s application system vulnerabilities, and reproduce the safe hidden trouble, the vulnerability of the successful use of computer to realize the remote unlock, horn, flash, open skylights, etc.

SyScan360 organizing committee, said an official with the related tesla crack challenge in two format, the first for the tournament, the purpose is through the system vulnerabilities tesla, and the damage based on attack severity to obtain corresponding points, 100 points for each 100 yuan (and so on); The second ultimate challenge more difficult, need to hackers unlock the door, open the engine, and eventually left the tesla is complete the challenge. The ultimate challenge winners will receive $10000 high rewards.

in addition, China’s first successful will iOS jailbreak “pangu” windknown team members also reveal the pangu team at the scene of the 2014 SyScan360 meeting is how to implement iOS7 jailbreak. He introduced the code signing bypass, the kernel information leakage, kernel memory covering the details of the three holes. And demonstrate how to write a overflow on these holes, making the pangu escaped to live in the user’s iOS device.

in the field of android system safety, 90 from 360 after a security researcher ShenDi scene shows the use of Bootkit attack technology breached the android mobile phone video. According to introducing, malicious programs using the Android platform mobile phone pre-installed or kernel vulnerabilities to obtain root access, using start much earlier and stronger self protection technology will become a trend.