[take] a new generation of HTC One “magic house four will” appearance at all

according to the HTC seems to be to build a bigger screen HTC One M8. If the news is true, then it means “metal, plastic, mini version, edition of domestic version of the” four kinds of HTC One M8 variant, already all.

from @ evleaks revealed that, HTC will be officially launched in the larger screen size HTC One M8 (a new generation of HTC One) – HTC One M8 Prime for rendering (below). Previous reports from the public media, according to the device configuration 5.5 -inch screen and a resolution of 1440 x2560, 3 gbram, stronger ability of LTE networks. If so, the change of One M8 Prime will be not just a bigger screen, include better performance.

so far, HTC has officially launched:

metal version of The HTC One M8 , also known as The All New HTC One. The device is a flagship company HTC today launched the latest equipment. Prominent feature is the design of the dual cameras. Trading price is 5299 yuan RMB.

mini version of the HTC One M8 – HTC One mini 2. The screen size is 4.5 inches, a resolution of 720 p. Unfortunately, slightly the device the low-end qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 400 processor. But the camera is as high as 13 million pixels. Media reports pricing is about 4500 yuan.

HTC exposure (probably) the forthcoming:

plastic version of HTC One M8 – M8 Ace. It is reported, this kind of mobile phone configuration almost no difference with the Galaxy S5, but prices could fully to less than 1000 yuan RMB. Reported that the product will be available next month.

HTC M8 Ace

the reports of screen version of the HTC One M8 – M8 Prime.

however, the price is too not populist, publicity strategy mistake) (of course is not only the problem has been restricting HTC failed to hit obstacles. Now HTC to regain the mid-market and truly price and configuration of “unity”. We hope that HTC can on the basis of the focus and trying to diversify, draw profound lessons before.