[take] count those who because of copyright and the war

sohu announced byte beating technology co., LTD. In Beijing (today’s headlines) copyright infringement and unfair competition lawsuit, ask the other side to stop the infringing act immediately and published an apology, and compensation of economic loss of 11 million yuan.

it is not clear, sohu prosecute any legal basis for today’s headlines, but to be sure, about whether infringement, both sides will argue. Hunting cloud network inventory in recent years, the representative of the Internet industry, because of copyright caused by the war.

sohu sued the thunderbolt, cool 6 and 56

in May 2009, sohu announced suing the thunderbolt, cool 6 network and 56 network, the reason is that the three website broadcast on “my youth who advocate” a drama. Although our cool 6 network and 56 network CEO wang are the original sohu, senior vice President, but sohu in the prosecution of the slightest bit “not feeling”.

anti-piracy alliance against youku

anti-piracy alliance, September 15, 2009 held in Beijing start launch, union called for the boycott piracy network infringement, maintain the normal order of the network video market, promote the progress of network video originals. State administration of radio, film and television, Beijing copyright administration, China association of copyright, Internet video copyright owners, film and television production agencies, advertisers, legal experts and other hundreds of union representatives attended the launching ceremony. Since then, the joint anti-piracy alliance launched two rounds of activism, has sued youku piracy case 111.

anti-piracy alliance against thunder

on October 28, 2009, China’s online video anti-piracy alliance, at a news conference in shenzhen, formally announced the launch of anti-piracy alliance, the second joint action: launch of thunderbolt website long-term holder of the pirated works behavior in legal proceedings. The current anti-piracy alliance, a total of 369 forensics pirated films, the first to the cases and 100

grand against infringement of baidu library

in 2010, a grand formal sued baidu. Shanda literature’s then CEO xiao-qiang hou said publicly: “baidu library die, the death to the Chinese original literature, literature the original is a service here. If the sniper is invalid, the literature of tomorrow is today’s MP3, writer continue to cheap, continue to be piracy.” Xiao-qiang hou said, because of piracy, shanda literature at least billions yuan every year.

best friends of zyprexa to prosecute tudou

video site tudou in application for one week after the IPO, best friends of zyprexa domestic several digital publishers such as filed with the SEC law group tudou copyright infringement report, says tudou faces many domestic film and television company suits, involving more than 50 million dollars.

anti-piracy alliance, sued baidu fast sowing

in 2013, on November 13th afternoon, sohu video, youku, potatoes, tencent video and music networks, several video website and release film and television production company announced sued baidu and fast hotlinking steal replayed, claims 300 million yuan. It is worth noting that the prosecution and the launching ceremony also had the intervention of the motion picture association of America, also attracted the attention of foreign media. Reason is quite likely the baidu and quick play piracy hurts American film copyright returns in the Chinese market.