Take their! Microsoft will push adaptive Android and iOS intelligent bracelet!

to concentrate on Microsoft’s development authority: Microsoft will launch a smart bracelets at the end of the year. The healthy track hand ring the biggest characteristic is that it not only support WP, at the same time can also and Android, iOS products for data transmission, etc.

report points out, Microsoft it across multiple platforms intelligent hand ring, is all similar products have failed to do. And if so, be a part of it, “Microsoft Service Everywhere” strategy, form the echo of the hardware and software.

Paul particularly stressed that the upcoming release of the Microsoft smartphone devices is a bracelet products, and definitely not a smart watch. Although it can view the mobile phone messages, but its main function is to monitor heart rate, step, calorie consumption and so on human body health.

the article revealed that Microsoft is the product launched in the fourth quarter of this year. The appearance and the samsung Galaxy Gear Fit similar, the price and the Galaxy Gear almost $299?) . Specific name is unknown, nokia? The company? Surface? Who knows! As long as it is so wonderful work.

Gear Fit