Taobao announced 24 hours live data decryption state of the Chinese consumer

to understand Chinese life and consumption habits, data from the taobao is perhaps one of the best window. Today, taobao announced a set of “live data” 24 hours a day, showing the Chinese new consumption state. Particularly noteworthy is that the wireless shopping has become a new habits, which makes the consumption peak appeared the characteristics of “frequency”. Consumption has become a kind of new shopping trends before sleep. In respect of maternal and infant supplies, SiWuDian mothers from the morning began using mobile phones to browse infants supplies.

buy clothes won’t tired

Chinese women’s wear away for peak three times a day

according to taobao announced today, ten o ‘clock in the morning, the women’s clothing sales will appear the first peak. This kind of situation, three especially on Tuesday, a clothing shop owner analysis said, this is mainly because the order this week to the arrival of the goods, can put on a weekend trip.

in the afternoon 14 points and 20 points in the evening, ladies’ shopping peak will appear again, and continued to 22 points at night, before bed, consumers are formed with a mobile phone shop at taobao new habit.

in terms of beauty makeup, consumption boom has twice a day, night 21 points to 23 points, and 14 to 16 PM this afternoon. It is interesting to note that the sex ratio is 3:1 now buy cosmetics, that is, buyers are men, 25% of cosmetics that may be “girlfriends” male friendship help, maybe men pay more attention to maintenance.

not line buy object booster bed away for

team mom shopping from the start in the morning

and the concept of “woman housekeeper” completely consistent, team mom is also the main taobao shopping.

at 11 a.m., as well as mothers and mothers in the work, wandered the baby clothes and diapers, and maternal supplies. This is also the prime time of shopping to buy fruit, housewives begin to choose fresh, Turkey, rice, fresh bamboo shoots, seafood, cherry… , the data showed that women aged 30 to 35 is the main purchasing fresh group.

16 PM, mothers think of baby food, milk powder purchasing peak appeared; 9 PM, mothers and drive around the toy. Taobao maternal and infant industry, according to data from the purchase of maternal and child supplies a ratio of 3:7, men and women, it seems, in addition to mom attention children to grow up, dads are now catching up.

it is important to note that as wireless shopping has become a new habit, people’s consumption peak appeared the characteristics of “frequency”. Especially in terms of maternal and infant supplies, mothers began from early morning SiWuDian taobao trip, “in terms of maternal and infant supplies, can appear the phenomenon of shopping in the morning, probably because mother care children wake up in the middle of the night unable to sleep, while shopping will continue to care for their children,” said taobao sales small 2 analysis.

taobao data analysts also evaluated the new trend of the night the stroll, the whole from a wireless data, 9 to 22 points at night are the peak period of shopping mall, “during the day, people use mobile phone consumption enthusiasm than with PC to shop taobao continued more later, or even continued into the night 1 point, formed the unique phenomenon of” consumption “before sleep.”

in old people play in the afternoon to collect

90 after night a shopping move diffuse

after two years of alipay statements are reveals the power consumption of the elderly in the aspect of online shopping, while taobao behavior of the latest data show that in the afternoon, they often start to buy collections.

are recommended, for example, buy recommended users, mainly in the ages of 40 to 49 years old, and buy time is also more concentrated in 2 to 3 PM, they at 8 PM to 9 PM will again for collection of the peak. Around your parents or grandparents, is rich and the potential of the leisure group.

while the activities of the time after 90 is clearly at night, at 8 PM, taobao cartoon channel will be more lively, especially on the weekend. Data show that focus on animation mainly students and young white-collar workers, the main group, 18 to 24, competitors do boys are more interested in toys, girls are very concerned about cospaly clothes.

aunt ” peak began on Thursday

if you are in the half cycle, taobao’s nightlife will be more rich, generally starting on Thursday evening, on taobao search for domestic service crowd, it seems, people need to clean the room over the weekend, on Thursday began to booking.

data shows that people prefer to 22 to 23 PM in the evening looking for domestic service, followed by 13 to 15 points in the afternoon, and the consumption boom will from Thursday until Saturday.

in the March 25, taobao also officially launched the housekeeping service platform, a home life. The first opened in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou and other 15 cities, the housekeeper who has 70000 real-name authentication. Open the phone on taobao, only 30 seconds, can find aunt through formal training, also guarantee payment. This also for the people who need to “aunt” provides a more convenient way.

in addition, 21 and 22 at night and people choose the household articles for use during peak hours, from the point of view, female users more attention to household goods, it may be that the household is involved in a variety of style and interesting choice, and in terms of domestic outfit advocate material, is the male attention more, seems to sink, floor so of work have to men carry.