Teamed up with the European Union, South Korea want to be a “5 g network era” top power

according to South Korea on Monday signed an agreement with the European Union, to speed up the global network to promote the advent of the era of 5 g. The two sides will establish a joint organization team, establish a unified 5 g network standard, to jointly develop 5 g network system, etc. Analysts pointed out that the good cooperation plan if it can be carried out smoothly, then South Korea in the future will continue to be a global network of the fastest speed.

5 g speed how fast? Make an imprecise analogy: an hour of hd movie in 4 g cases, need to 6 minutes to download. And under the condition of 5 g, the film takes 6 seconds to download completed.

a long time, South Korea’s investment in the field of network communication technology. Previously, the south Korean government in the next few years, the country’s investment in 5 g network will be $1.57 billion. Not only that, as South Korea’s national backbone enterprises, the world’s biggest smartphone sales, samsung said the other day as early as in 2020, officially launched the commercial 5 g network. Obviously, if South Korea can become number one in 5 g industry power, samsung will greatly benefit by the factors.

at the same time, once the age of GSM data network standard setters, the eu has lags far behind the competition. By 2020, the eu hopes to lead the development of 5 g network era.

by the global network from different institutions speed, statistical survey in South Korea in absolute advantage over other countries and regions. At present, the south Korean mobile phone penetration has gone beyond 100%, which means that every south koreans may have more than a cell phone. Although the investment is huge, but the south Korean government confidence in 5 g era. It wants to be the potential market leader, won tremendous benefits for first-mover advantage. The south Korean government expects the future 5 g commercial network, will brings to the country at least $320 billion in revenue.