Television stations to visit Tokyo headquarters of millet referred to as “China’s iPhone”

recently television visited Beijing millet headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, has carried on the interview to “the Chinese version of the iPhone” millet. Japanese media reports on the “millet phenomenon” carried on the thorough, lamenting the “made in China” has been in the Internet age is more conform to user requirements, to create more quality products for users, and evaluation for millet to give “iPhone” in China.

reported that although millet company was established in February 2010, but after selling smartphones in mainland China, just 2 years sales of 27 million units, beyond the iPhone to become the most popular young Chinese popular mobile phone brands. Millet mobile phone only sale mode via the Internet. In season launch weekly online open purchase activity, its product robbed sold out in less than 10 minutes, became the difficulty “of” nation. For such the release speed of Japan is selling the iPhone is far less than the release speed and influence of millet in China.

the Chinese young people, said in an interview with Japanese media “than the iPhone, millet larger screen and screen resolution is high, and the price of millet is only half of the iPhone”, “millet so popular, not rob.”. Even hand Japanese journalists all exclamation of millet mobile phone says, “feel very light, the screen is very big also, even can see the small words clearly.”

millet mobile phone users as the dominant model of successful Internet Internet developed Japan was incredible. Millet is the secret to popularity is one of the users can through the mobile phone “for beautiful MIUI advice” tools, directly reflect the situation, put forward the proposal to millet developers. For example, a user can take the color that oneself like, through “the beautiful MIUI advice” send photos to developers, and attach “I want the color of the phone”. Which dominated by users of the Internet model of mobile phone companies in Japan is dominated by telecommunication operators, but also feel the charm of the current Chinese “millet model”.

millet, chairman and chief executive of lei jun told the reporters: “10 million users are the millet mobile phone designers.” Millet get a lot of advice from the user, thus developed all kinds of mobile phone function. Such as “photo to identify people age camera” function, is proposed from a female users. Use of this software, the male will look 2 years younger, women will be 5 years younger. In addition, in order to meet the demands in the elderly, millet also developed a simple cell phone desktop.

if the millet LOGO upside down, it presents a “heart”, embodies the concept of millet attaches great importance to the user’s mood. This idea by the Japanese media. In addition, the Japanese media also free for millet employees working condition to give the affirmation, think, or the free work atmosphere will become China’s new creativity.

vlon millet mobile phone pr director of Japanese media said: “for a long time, China has impressed the world is a” world factory “, not “Chinese famous brand”. But the future is different, millet will change the idea, as “Chinese famous brand”.”

in the mobile Internet era, the Chinese enterprise’s innovation model, not only to conquer their own consumers, in an open, innovation, and dominated by the user mode of millet, the Japanese market is under a millet to conquer the market. According to Japanese media, millet in China’s success in the overseas market has been more and more people’s attention. 2014 millet is expected to move into Singapore, Japan, and its developing prospect is also Japanese media.