Tencent cloud services cut, roll out “hundred million fund” to support entrepreneurs

in the ninth China’s Internet business conference held today, tencent YunGongBu for price concessions, entrepreneurship support programs and other major decisions. This is cloud services under the increasingly fierce market competition at home, tencent’s latest move, to better create a cloud ecosystem.

tencent announced cloud of its place cut down on the price of a variety of services, covering a cloud server, database of cloud, the cloud drive, a local disk, such as public broadband multiple core products, including cloud server drop as high as 53%.

this price will commence from May 9. Tencent cloud also announced at the same time, long-term customers on the basis of the discount, if buy according to the year, only need to pay for 10 months.

and if the user is in front of the price to buy or cloud cloud server database, and did not expire after the price cut, tencent cloud will surplus depending on the service type and quantity, calculated on reduction price difference, returned to the user’s account. Users buy no more than 5 days, can even refund after purchase again.

“hundred million fund” to support entrepreneurs

tencent cloud also announced that it will launch a series of support programs for entrepreneurs. The plan will include three parts, respectively for different periods of entrepreneurs, covers entrepreneurship.

the first is tencent cloud joined more than 30 investment institutions, in view of the early entrepreneurs entrepreneurship support. And for start-ups have begun to take shape, tencent cloud will provide hatch help growth.

it is reported, tencent cloud platform will be fully opened to entrepreneurs to their own resources, recognition program will be able to obtain ability of tencent cloud help, specifically based on wide point realized business model, application of treasure to distribute the ability to move, tencent cloud, Discuz! Touch and other basic services and more scenes of a user’s flow entrance, meet the demand of entrepreneurs.

mature project will get even tencent cloud of fund support, and sharing tencent have cloud ecosystem. Currently tencent cloud has 1, fifty million fund in this aspect, to support those who are already into the mature stage start-ups. After tencent Chen Leiceng cloud platform department general manager said, tencent will vigorously supported various resources and platform of cloud, to seed, help is struggling Internet start-ups.