Tencent issued a “troika”, combination of boost mobile entrepreneurs

by Discuz! And tencent cloud hosted the 2014 the ninth Chinese Internet entrepreneurs conference held today, the theme of “building the mobile business ecosystem”. Tencent product team released a mobile product mix, tencent cloud respectively, point and application of treasure, said it would by the “troika” mode entrepreneurs to provide a full range of support and services,

fully opened, connecting all

in the previous global mobile Internet conference, tencent COO publicly company positioning for “connection type”, has also invested in a service-oriented companies such as public comments, click take a taxi. Next, tencent how in “connection” on the chain of development is remarkable.

in the meeting today, tencent, senior executive vice President of dowson says, “connect all” the time has come for a mobile, tencent will help with the attitude of “full open” entrepreneurs to seize the mobile end.

he believes that intelligence is the first step on the connection. But with the development of intelligent equipment and terminal application, the connection between the people, services, and devices are becoming ever more closely, but because of the compatibility, distance limit, data island and the risk of management and security challenges still restricts the freedom of connection. “Tencent will be fully opened by their own, to eliminate the obstacle of the connection, let entrepreneurs in the connected user, rich scene can more freedom, more smoothly.”

now, tencent has formed relatively comprehensive system of open, open, open, ability mainly includes traffic is open and code. Announced permanently open since 2011, tencent open system has brought rich return to developers, with 1 million registered application platform, access QQ connected more than 180000 mobile applications, give developers into income more than 5 billion yuan.

tencent issued a “troika”

in the meeting, tencent released mobile product combination, product team said it will through the “troika” model for entrepreneurs to provide a full range of security and services.

as an important layout, tencent on the mobile end “troika” mainly through the core product aggregate resources to build mobile business ecosystem. According to tencent product team, “troika” respectively by tencent cloud as the core, strengthen the cloud service ability, provide cloud services for entrepreneurs, cloud data cloud, cloud operation such as integration services; To apply the treasure as the core, enhancing the application distribution ability, helping entrepreneurs to touch up to more users; With wide click-through as the core, strengthen the mobile marketing cashability, ensure the income of entrepreneurs and more long-term development.

among them, tencent cloud services announced that from now on cut, up to 53%; In addition to launch “hundred million fund” for entrepreneurial support programs, in view of the entrepreneurs in different periods, respectively covers entrepreneurship.

at the same time, the company is based on wide point to launch mobile advertising alliance, declare formal layout mobile advertising. Tencent effect advertising platform department general manager Luo Zheng Luo Zheng revealed to run more entrepreneurs, tencent wide click-through don’t participate in advertising revenue sharing alliance, 2014 earnings all owned by the developer.

it is understood that the layout of the “troika” clear the main difficulties for mobile entrepreneurs: basic services is not stable, get the user difficulty and cash earnings. The personage inside course of study thinks, mobile entrepreneurs should make full use of the advantages of the third-party platform, share in the mobile ecological building, to create a favorable environment for development.