Tencent “reengineering” research and development department in guangzhou, do a micro letter?

sources, tencent has officially changed its name to guangzhou research and development department will email products division, responsible for QQ mailbox, WeChat related major innovation product planning, development and operations, based communication mode, including email, phone call, to explore and research. After micro for enterprise group of independent, tencent go guangzhou r&d center has not yet been determined, it now seems tencent did not make it belongs to the micro letter, but with micro letter business group of parallel liable basis for innovation.

: the birth of wide research xiao-long zhang and email

slow progress after QQ mailbox, launched in 2003, until 2005, when users not exceeding 1 million, ten among domestic mail in outside. 2005 was a turning point QQ mailbox. This year, tencent will xiao-long zhang Foxmail, tencent harvest with Foxmail xiao-long zhang this then change the fate of tencent specialist.

in March 2005, tencent set up r&d centers in guangzhou, in charge of products and operations of the QQ mailbox. The establishment of the broad research is more or less in order to settle xiao-long zhang and Foxmail team in guangzhou. Guangzhou talent advantage is also a big attraction: south China science and education center, has a large and excellent graduates of colleges and universities, this is shenzhen doesn’t have. And the Internet environment, shenzhen only three well-known Internet companies: tencent, fast thunder and sowing; While guangzhou netease, wei, UC, YY, the Pacific and other Internet companies.

wide research was set up after the first major product QQ mailbox version 3.0 in March 2006 online, will Foxmail style is copied to the web client version, the version from the user’s actual demand, at the same time there are a lot of bugs, access is slow, it makes QQ mailbox was crippled. Xiao-long zhang’s decision has played a key role in October 2006 xiao-long zhang founded in wide research agile development team, by implementing “1000/100/10” and so on product strategy, QQ mailbox rapid iteration, concise and rapid growth after release, in September, 2007 to become the nation’s largest mailbox.

after extensive research based on QQ mailbox released the QQ file transfer station, classic products such as QQ bottles, is still widely used. QQ email after a few years growth become the leading free email, in November 2009 exceeded 50 million active users, and getting to the top. Growth is widely research team with QQ mailbox.

by nearly four years of fighting, widely research team approbated by tencent products and innovation ability, wide to grind the tencent innovation awards at the end of 2007.

crown WeChat: widely research on the front desk

10 years China’s 3 g licensing, mobile Internet, for the fine product xiao-long zhang and widely research teams, like a duck to water. Mobile Internet and PC Internet have totally different foundation soil, some PC Internet giant stumbles in the PC business, with mobile PC thinking to stumble, tencent before WeChat was born on the same hard feeling.

xiao-long zhang has a completely different thinking. According to the normal play, QQ inbox should do is to launch QQ mobile version. But QQ mailbox team after the consent of ma, began to develop WeChat. On November 19, 2010 officially launched micro letter after the project, more than 10 teams in the little black house closed development, micro letter 1.0 2 months after the official launch. Behind as you all know what happened, the micro credit two years developing the 300 million users,. Micro believe in a mobile communication tool into China’s largest mobile Internet platform. Through WeChat overseas, have the micro letter at the same time the public platform, micro letter pay, micro letter envelopes and other innovation business.

now, the letter has already become the most important tencent in the mobile era “tickets”. Every Internet giants want to find their own WeChat.

xiao-long zhang ma’s blessing. Tencent each big enterprise group of operators, pressure, and concerns about mobile phone QQ, born under the bondage micro letter such product possibility is zero, guangzhou institute of innovation ability become the birth of micro letter congenital conditions. The success of the micro letter, let xiao-long zhang from little-known became the star of the Chinese Internet, extensive research from tencent’s a low-key silence into the most famous Internet company departments, micro letter home TIT creative garden even some people become a pilgrimage mobile Internet.

wide research new era: continue to perform the task innovation

along with the rapid expansion of WeChat, extensive research has not fit the new star. Micro letter team size has risen from 10 people grow up to hundreds of people, in this context, the micro believe in southern telecom building in 2013 moved to guangzhou TIT creative garden, micro letter may cause the establishment of the group of WXG micro letter is no longer belongs Yu Guangyan means that organization.

from the department of wide research innovation ability is still to be reckoned with. Tencent will not only satisfied with micro letter – although micro letter is strong enough, but no one knows how the world in the future will change. Only constant innovation can again the next wave of standing. Tencent past hope to be able to compete with QQ opponent internally, will naturally want to be able to compete with WeChat next opponents also appears in the internal.

new research and development department is responsible for the guangzhou QQ mailbox associated with micro letter and major innovation product planning, research and development and operation. At the same time will also take on mail, telephone calls and such basic communication research. It is obvious that tencent is the task of the innovation to new research and development department in guangzhou. Given the wide research was born WeChat this key products, in the next wave of industry wide research again to produce the next xiao-long zhang or next WeChat, not impossible.

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