Tencent ultra mobile, as China’s most valuable brands

according to from a few days ago, tencent has more than China mobile, China and even the whole of Asia’s most valuable company brand.

the publisher of the survey, is the world’s ten largest market research firm millward brown, one of the (MillwardBrown).

since 2006, the company every year to publish a “brand” of the world’s Top 100 company – the BrandZ Top 100.

the following is an important part in the survey data:

, Google brand value ($159 billion) has been beyond apple ($148 billion), to become the world’s most valuable brands ;

top ten other technology companies, has IBM (third, $108 billion) and Microsoft (a fourth, $90 billion), AT& T ($8, 79 billion), amazon (10th, $64 billion);

, it is important to note that tencent brand value soared 97%, to $53 billion. This number even ahead of Facebook , although the latter brand value is rising (68%), but the value of $36 billion.

, and , such as yahoo brand value respectively and 44%, into the top 20 ;

listed earlier this year, Twitter and LinkedIn recently entered China, both for the first time to enter the BrandZ Top 100 ranking, in 78 and 78 respectively.

according to the survey, the BrandZ Top 100 ranking of all the enterprise brand value for 2.9 trillion, with rose 12% last year. The technology company brand worth $827 billion, accounted for top 100 companies and 30% of total brand value.