Tencent wide click-through Luo Zheng: marketing 3.0 belong to social networking sites

May 10, hunting cloud network news

Internet entrepreneurs convention in 2014, tencent Luo Zheng effect advertising platform department general manager said that marketing 3.0 belong to social networking sites, tencent effect advertising platform widely point will pass through the three major advantages, to help developers implement flow to liquidate.

Luo Zheng said, wide point has three advantages: large platform, multi-level and the terminal.

among them, the platform is to point to in the tencent open platform, tencent cloud, wide point for the integration of tencent in the open system, QQ, mobile phone QQ, QQ space, wide click-through mobile alliance, WeChat, tencent news client, QQ music, and many other social products, timely information can be extended to the users;

multi-level is embodied in the developer can point through deep insight into the user. Specifically, the crowd portrait based on QQ account system can directional basic attributes and environmental characteristics of the user; Based on short-term interest, SNS social networking users can track electricity behavior and APP behavior; Long-term interest based on SNS social networking users, including users life growth trajectory and chain of social relations.

and the end user refers to the scene of multiple screen environment, in the face of the activities of the different times, different people and different scenarios, wide click-through information intelligence can be pushed to the target group. Through the base core competence (and tencent QQ account system, rich API), social marketing, commercial, make broad points can complete the product information in multiple scenarios and the user’s touch. Luo Zheng stressed that guang tong in 2014 will still not participate in the mobile advertising is divided into, and will put all the earnings are owned by the developer.

wide point effect how? Recently, the WiFi master key operations managers, in February, access to wide click-through mobile alliance, at present, the average daily exposure has over 30 million, monthly income reached 3 million yuan, flow liquid effect well. From the market survey found that the WiFi master key has been following the micro letter, after hand Q a day for more than 35 million active users of mobile phone software.