Tencent’s $50 million for citic Pacific co

backdoor citic group, citic Pacific are a step closer to realize overall listing plan.

last night, citic Pacific in the Hong Kong stock exchange announcement, said in meet 15 investors subscribe and total holding more than 15% of the bid, after again in yesterday and 10 investment institutions share subscription agreement.

the agreement shows that investors have agreed to subscribe price to hk $13.48 per share subscription total about $690 million, or about hk $690 million shares, accounting for about completion citic Pacific’s 1.59% of the total number of issued shares. At this point, all 25 total number of shares investors subscribed to about 3329560000 shares, accounting for about completion citic Pacific’s 13.37% of the total number of issued shares (assuming the expected a total of 21253879470 shares in consideration and placement of shares have been issued).

it is important to note that the 10 investment institutions in tencent, the other is the sea holding, youngor, austenite capital management group, China’s export credit insurance company and the Chinese Hong Kong, etc.

subscription agreement, tencent is through its wholly owned subsidiary of Mount Emei to subscribe, 13.48 yuan per share, total number of shares to 28751000 shares, accounting for about acquisition is completed 0.12% of the total number of issued shares. So come on, tencent total investment at $50 million.

the data shows, the Mount Emei is a registered in the British virgin islands in the establishment of a limited liability company, the main business of investment holding.

in April this year, citic announced details of the group listed. According to the plan, to nearly $227 billion acquisition of citic group, citic Pacific main business platform for a 100% stake in citic shares. Transactions including to citic group of about 177 billion yuan of value shares issued, as well as the placement of shares to institutional investors to raise $49.9 billion in cash.