Tesla cannot rest easy, LG super electric car batteries are coming!

LG chemical (LG group’s businesses) claimed that they were preparing to public a kind of electric car batteries, the power supply capacity is currently on the market as well as the upcoming Tesla Model 3 battery outside existing products more than twice as many, but the price the same.

according to market speculation, the electric car era will come in 2017. Until then, there will be equipped with at least two battery-powered vehicles to enter the market, the car one time charge can travel 200 miles at the most, and the price is less than $40000.

the South Korea’s battery research branch, chief executive of LG chemical Prabhakar Patil said: “we are dedicated to the study range of 200 miles of electric cars, its target price forecast to $35000 in 30000.”

“although there will be many possibilities, but we think we can developed around 2017 such cars.” Patil also said that more than one car manufacturers are interested in the technology, but he declined to say what are manufacturers.

gm’s Chevrolet Volt distance less than 85 miles on a single charge, until now, gm is still in the car is redesigned, is expected to go public in 2015. According to the Reuters speculation, almost certainly general motors is one of the manufacturers.

LG chemical and general motors have had cooperation, LG chemical hybrid for gm’s Chevrolet Volt rechargeable batteries. And general motors has also recently said that they plan to launch a sales price is lower than the $30000 range at about 200 miles of electric cars.

a gm officials, the project is in the making, but he declined to provide details. And just last year, former chief executive Dan Akerson to mention the car for the first time.

general motors has listed the two electric car Volt and Spark a rechargeable battery life is less than 85 miles. Gm said last week that will be launched in 2015 to redesign the Volt, and the launch of the first time the Volt model car or at the end of 2010.

each car manufacturer to produce high range of electric cars to illustrates a fact to the world and the Tesla has already has a huge impact on the global auto industry. When announcing the third generation, when the car was born in 2017 will be a lot of experts to the range of 200 miles and expressed doubts about the price of the sale of $35000, because it seems that we still not break through the technical bottleneck.

Tesla is currently the only company produced the long distance of the electric car manufacturer, which also determines its mastery of the pricing power of this kind of car. According to Tesla, deutsche bank’s current capacity on Monday raised the company’s credit rating, which makes the company’s share price is approaching its all-time high.

includes the world’s largest electric car sales factory – Nissan Nissan motor company, other electric car maker, will focus on lower prices rather than increase the distance. Nissan’s Leaf only about 75 miles of distance, although the distance can meet the daily needs of most of the drivers.

however, longer distance and lower prices make electric cars more and attract those who are worried about now car buyers can meet their daily needs.

today, electric cars, new car sales in the United States accounted for less than 1% on the market, but there was a steady increase in the data.

as the leader of the electric car sales market, Nissan Nissan company sold 15800 vehicles in the us market in July Leaf, than the same period last year rose 35%. Although most of the automobile manufacturers in the sales of electric cars, but most of the cars need to conform to the California air quality laws and regulations, almost every car distance less than 100 miles.

so far, the Tesla Model S company car is the only up to 200 miles radius of the electric car, the car sale price is $71000, equipped with a lot of experts agree that the weight of the cost at least $15000 for 1000 pounds of batteries. Tesla, the company is still trying to reduce costs, plan to build a Panasonic company offers through large batteries to will cost reduced by 30%. Predicts 2017 car prices down to about $35000, and the radius of the same (Tesla company think this distance is long enough to make people give up gasoline fuel cars).

Patil says, this kind of battery is lithium ion pouch cell, is different from the small Tesla company use AA battery, the size of the pouch has the flexibility to allow automakers they can be divided into different parts.

combinatorial chemistry is the improvement of the energy storage space, reduce the cost and also more conducive to the management of the power system. This makes LG chemical can lower the price of products for low cost range long electric cars to create the market.

at the end of last month, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk confident that electric cars are along the way forward. Soon, when people talk about the gasoline fuel cars found that have nothing to say, this also means that the electric car will be cheap.