The 7 horrors of humanity

In numerous pages you can see the 7 new wonders but in few the 7 horrors.

From the magazine interviu they echo what they think are the 7 worst things that coexist with humanity.

1 HUNGER 20.7%
One in four voters has pointed to hunger as the most terrible of misfortunes. The 24,000 deaths that, according to the UN, provokes, directly and indirectly, every day are more than enough reason to occupy such a horrible position.

Together or separately, the petty of horrors. commercial interests that threaten to extinguish these two animal species have touched the sensibility of our readers.

India, Thailand or Romania are just some of the stops on a miserable circuit where about one million children enter every year. The infancias broken by the perverted tastes of the West occupy the third place in this list of horrors.

The ecological concerns of the voters and the dismay of climate change are reflected in their concern for the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, the greatest biodiversity on Earth. In the last three decades, close to 600,000 hectares have disappeared, about 16 percent of the total of the Amazon.

Although readers have not chosen it as the most serious, AIDS is actually the horror that lives the most lives: 6,000 people die every day in the African continent because of this pandemic, aided by the passivity of the pharmaceutical industry and intransigence of the Vatican.

6 BURKA 5.2%
It is the symbol of the total subjection of women to men in the Taliban regimes, but above all a sad reality that they have not been able to get rid of in Afghanistan, despite the change of regime.

It is the last of the chosen ones and, nevertheless, the closest one we have. Spain continues to add victims at the hands of male violence, without any law or government measure to stop this unfortunate bleeding.

Peugeot will use linux

And I do not mean the car, but the employees of the French company. First a test was done with 300 employees using Mandriva Linux, the results had to be satisfactory since the company has chosen to assign 20,000 employees of the 72,000 employees who have a special version of SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell, with OpenOffice pre installed.

Update your programs

For a long time I needed a program of this type, one of the most important failures in the computers comes due to the lack of updating of the programs, now with filehippo we will not have to worry more about this task.

This program will be responsible for updating the existing software on our computer, and on top of that it supports all versions of Windows, from 98 to the new Vista.

What happens when a computer does not work?

This man complains that after ruining his Macbook in the store Apple refused to take over the repair claiming that the warranty did not cover damage from spillage of liquid, because it did not serve much decided to fix it with hammer, record it with his camera and hang it on youtube.

As a result of his “aggressive” action Apple after learning of the popularity of the video over the network has decided to give him another Macbook