The administration will be virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift into cyber war weapons

, before a has just been Facebook for $2 billion Oculus VR virtual reality helmet manufacturers, its technology and equipment also favored by the pentagon. A few days ago, the United States department of defense advanced research projects agency for Oculus Rift as a “prototype”, built a virtual reality helmet has launched a network attack ability.

reports pointed out that the “weapon”, can provide visual measurements for network perpetrator network simulation graphics, data, so that more accurate, more deeply to the target network attacks.

we see in the analog video, the field of wear of the tool, the spherical images. Each ball each representing a different network attack missions. Click on a goal, in accordance with the user can set a good attack mode, precision of target network.

it is important to note that reports the new research way of this attack, the pentagon as “let the attacker in the network is like swimming easy”. This means that even if you don’t understand the code “amateurs”, also can go smoothly network attacks.

it is understood that the study of belonging to the United States department of defense advanced research project “the Plan X”. The project aims to provide launch cyber attacks highly visual interface, easy operation.

pointed out that the pentagon launch this product could end up until 2017. If the plan can achieve, then the network attack precision can be up to 99.99%.