The ambiguity of sports watches and smart watches, appropriate smart watches the trial experience

cloud network hunting on June 23,

recently, apple iwatch rumors become more and more clear, circular smart moto 360 watches of all sorts of new features also received frequent exposure, thus, active market in various convenient, and greatly to cloud after imposing manner. After many years of marketing hype, intelligent can watch for qualitative change from quantitative change causes? And giants such as performance.

but for smart watches the emerging things, is no longer a giants and any creative, have the ability of small companies, a small team also can shun the market dynamic, delivers a their own opinions.

we Jivi hunting today will bring you a very distinctive smart watches: appropriate EZON S2 smart watches evaluation.

the first introduction of the company:

should be allowed full name is the shenzhen well electronic co., LTD., from 01 years since the establishment of specialized research and development in the production of various types of watches products, 08 registered our trademark should be accurate and began to develop sports watch to export production, 11 years began to layout of the domestic market now.

from the company qualifications are not a general sense of start-up, profound capital on the technology and supply chain.

appearance evaluation:

simply out of the box.

EZON S2 USES a circular LCD screen, built-in bluetooth 4.0 module, professional motion detection module (pedometer).

a sedentary remind, sports, phone calls reminding, alarm to remind, birthday reminders, hour, sports circles, and other functions. All sorts of function very useful, and do not let a person feel noisy.

one of sedentary remind is at some specific time of the day, the hour, ring a bell to prompt, prompt the user need to activities, for office worker, is very practical.

the sample appearance.

has ten years of professional design on the basis of sports watches, long-term focused on European and American foreign trade market in the developed countries should be allowed, in terms of exterior design compared to other entrepreneurial teams will certainly to be several orders of magnitude higher.

round LCD screen, run quasiphysical needle transition animation design, concave black dial, glass plate, finally combined with fine steel skeleton of a building, sports watch fan is very, very beautiful.

but there are still some shortcomings. Stained glass cover the status of the fingerprint, difficult to solve in the figure. As the dial design under the glass cover, caused certain reflection refraction effect, make content is faint, are beautiful enough.

but the dial and the combination of the steel bone is burdensome, processing the dial directly to the bone, make the cover plate and steel screen all joint will obviously better.

but steel reinforced further decoration processing obviously difficult, will increase costs, and in doing painting process, on the one hand, the simple sense of covered steel, on the other hand also easy off paint. Anyway, 599 the price of this design, is also a bargain.

the USB power cord with clamp, the charging interface contact, the rear of the fuselage side there is another groove used to clip a fixed location.

the other, with no official power adapter, direct access to computers and other smart phone rechargeable power adapter.

silver capsule key features.

use operation:

the basic operation and interface UI.

sedentary remind, sports, phone calls reminding, alarm to remind, birthday reminders, hour.

the power cable connection.


the appropriate quasi smart watch mobile phone client app, only to ios platform layout, and as a result of product USES bluetooth 4.0 plan, does not support bluetooth 4.0 connectivity of the iphone 4 and the following version of the apple mobile phone, could not only match.

the first time to open the application for simple account registered pairing can directly use, the whole application includes sports, circle, set up three elements.

here’s account registration is very simple, only need to fill in the email, user name, password, and then determine the complete registration, don’t need to return to E-mail confirmation.

application interface using the low color temperature of red and black color, background color lining cited the colour of the ink painting shading element. On the whole greatly borrows calligraphy characteristic elements.

but many elegant, exquisite calligraphy elements have reflected, the overall design is too deep, a lot of people are hard to accept. Habit but see two days do not have a thing, after all, it’s unique design is very detailed, such as long you fatigue, but think it looks good.

can be said to be the professional cure fatigue design.

movement interface can experience more ink characteristics of product design. Fingers sliding in the histogram, or directly click times can understand the movement of a certain period of time.

monthly report list interface with cylindrical interface. Need recognition is, the product transition animations do is very careful, perhaps in ios.

personal reminders and exercise program Settings interface. His APP currently doesn’t call phone GPS smart watches with the collaborative operation, thus to obtain more accurate data. Apple HealthKit platform has been introduced, the appropriate believe in the strength of the quasi will give a good solution.

battery life:

about battery life, compared with other smart watches on the market, it is obvious advantages. Testing machine from hunting has been on for a long time, when we get capacity only and only 70%, then Jivi in the case of a pedometer, bluetooth full open, insist on for nearly four weeks altogether.

so the product description says the battery life of 30 days, it is no exaggeration to standby time of 6 months. The relative to other smart watches at most two or three days of life, the advantage is obvious.


this is the biggest characteristic of a smart watch design is beautiful, but relative to other USES the android smart watches, less a lot of fancy not practical function, only to meet a few commonly used remind function and movement monitoring.

in addition, the appropriate standard compared with their own version of S1, S2 lacks the function of the compass, GPS, air pressure these hardware, but smart watches for apple mobile phone connection, it is not important, because these features the iPhone, can directly call in the future. Of course also USES the low version of the iPhone and android users may be injured.

but for people who do not like mobile phones when motion, want to start with the need to reconsider. Step, after all, rely on the meter to conversion movement range, error is relatively larger. But if you are not a severe movement users, to count as a motor unit and no problem.

if interested in early adopters users, able to measure, the 599 price comparison sports watch is also a very has the advantages of price.