The beauty and the alarm clock, sparks of how long it will last?

like live video, you have to face up to, acknowledge their existence value, 6 rooms, YY, quack, understand the human nature of the most profitable enterprises, placed in the mobile terminal.

there are beauty, is never short of the subject. Goddess, alarm clock, combining can also wipe a spark, a mobile application, the goddess call you get up, is one of the fire.

it is an alarm clock application, the brand of beauty. Combines the beauty voice video and alarm clock, in ordinary alarm clock, is the difference between the time comes, it means that is not the bell but the video. If you focus on, must not forget xian had a team did an alarm clock type custom applications, who wake me up, when the user has broke through 2 million in March. Media have reported a centralized.

let’s redefine said, abandon the traditional alarm clock, to join the social elements, to join the human thinking, is indeed a great innovation on products, focus on one point to break through, as long as the product is good, get the user is not difficult.

but always speaking, who is the alarm clock wake me up consumption and expectation. Call you to get up goddess consumption a prick silk economy. Captures the human nature, I think, the user on the product, more is not to set the alarm clock, is more of a consumer beauty, eyeball economy.

women have a need to display, prick silk are famous for demand, the product through the alarm clock put together these two kinds of demand, relative to the product durability, beautiful woman continue to heat the probe, enough to make the product. The premise is, the more beauty to come in and prick silk social beings expect of beauty.

they also said that beauty economy, don’t worry about the income. Also apply for this product. Profitable way to play two kinds, a direct payments, a recommended. Users in the use of the product, the system will give the user a coin, applications called god. Custom goddess’s exclusive alarm clock need to spend money god, waiting for god when they are not tokens, users can choose prepaid phone or they recommended to download applications for god. Look, simple and crude, actually the most effective.

this placard enduring beauty, attract a large number of users, do top-up or flow directly into business is right choice. In application, the product are also interested in build a community, the goddess will have its own page, the user can send messages to them, also can pay attention to them, understanding of the dynamic goddess.

the Internet is the public products, including mobile Internet, too. Entertainment products belong to the consumption area. Boring man many, these deep human nature products, grabbed a point can make millions of users, it is industry should focus on.

in business, the use of the evil of human nature, is not about right or wrong. Micro wave, devoted to devoted to strangers, YY, 9158, the vivid example is worth practitioners to study, no chip is worth a fine line, this is the product of genius.

the goddess is wake me up in hangzhou let the operation of the network development, there is another product, before they provide taobao rebate, buy preferential website and mobile products for powder. Founder Yale himself served as alipay wireless, head of the department of technology.

guide from the rebate to beauty the alarm clock, want to also nothing important origin. Did his speech on Liu Junwei bo, tao powder, the goddess of wake me up to make, on two legs is stable.

look from the current situation, if the beauty of this signature has been updated, the goddess of wake me up in the future may not be a clock tool, consumption beauty prick silk, will become a community. The user to open the power of products, no longer constrained by the alarm clock, but the inside of the goddess will become the focus of consumption.

the goddess call you get up

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