The blackout yesterday

I do not know much about how the REE (Electrical Network of Spain) works, but what I do understand is that there are patterns that are often based on previous cases (use of artificial intelligence) to predict the demand for electrical energy.

Normally not all the facilities work, nor all at the same level, what tends is to generate the right energy for the general supply, that is, if less than the necessary generation is generated, it will cause outages and blackouts, and if more is generated than necessary there will be an excess of energy that will have to be sold in the market at a very low cost, thereby generating losses.

That is why a lot of money is invested in techniques based on artificial intelligence to anticipate that demand and ensure a continuous supply adapted to the needs.

What I mean by this? Well, if the demand for energy at 8 during the last 10 years in the months of January and February has been of% per cent and suddenly by a generalized blackout this demand plummets can cause very serious failures in electrical installations , which would not be ready for 5 minutes to withstand such a fall and the subsequent rise in voltage, that is, we could have stayed more than 5 minutes without electricity and heating.

These conclusions have been made public (yesterday a press conference was also called) the REE that has even confessed that the measures that had to face the possibility of a fall of more than 3,000 MW (the system can only respond to a fall in 3,000 MW in two minutes or three) caused perhaps more energy expenditure and more pollution than if there had been no blackout.

Luckily the fall was only 1,000 MW, it could be observed in real time on the page of the REE.

I am not saying that I am against this movement, it is more, I support it, but not in this way. The logical way to do it is with a continuous process, making us aware that little by little we have to spend less energy. As? Buying appliances with low consumption, rationing the use of boilers and heaters … etc etc

Now comes another initiative: March 1, all day with the phone off, this seems to me much better (losses in the operators of about 45 million) and less dangerous, although some @ can give a heart attack …

Bodies of the state.

Often we are not aware of the work performed by police, firefighters, toilets … people tend to underestimate them, it is worth everything, but as a general rule the work they do is only comparable to a few jobs.

Life is played almost daily, for a lousy salary and more than one have helped us on occasion, for which we are very grateful.

As a child I always wanted to be a policeman (before a pilot :-P) but I know that now … (I could still get involved in the computer crime brigade)

Perhaps the vision that each one has of these bodies will depend on the situation in which they are, where they live, their day to day and lived experiences.

I have found a video that has moved me a lot, I hope you like it.

This video is very currado, it has made me very funny. It’s worth seeing 😉 is a remix by Manuel Torreiglesias, presenter of how to live, I’ve always been watching it … when I have not gone to class and there was nothing else on TV …