The cook is not Steve jobs, but he is also a great CEO

humanist cook

even as apple CEO, cook, still cannot forget a past youth. It was in Alabama in the 1970 s, cook was a small town.

cook on a bicycle circling around home, found a house when I was passing the crossing cross burning – that is a black family house. A group of wearing a white head and mantle of 3 k party while watching the fire, let racist abuse. Cook heard the glass broken voice, it seems that someone is throwing things broke the window. The young cook can’t help but shouted: “stop!”

when a 3 k party raised a pointed cone of his mask, cook, recognized that he is one of the local church deacon. Surprised the young cook on the car fled away.

“this picture forever imprinted in my mind, this life the same.” Last December in a public speech, cook to the world to share their memories of “burning” cross.

in his speech, Mr. Cook said thus he produced a new awakening. No matter what, the rights and dignity of people should be to maintain the bottom line. Further expounded on the basis of him: his company, which is apple, is a company believes that “advancing human progress”.

cook 53, inherited the supreme power of the apple from their jobs. Like Walt Disney and Henry Ford, jobs also founded with his company stamp to each other. Apple’s Steve jobs, Steve jobs is apple.

the cook has been jobs the shadows behind a low-key do executives. For the outside world, the cook is an open question, has been very low-key, pay attention to personal privacy and cook. Combustion of the cross, was head deacon frightened away, these stories cook will only speak with friends at ordinary times, and won’t open sharing. But at the end of last year, he made in a speech in public for the first time to come clean. This is a sign of he is adjusting individual style, also reflected the apple image of a transformation.

under the leadership of the cook, apple seems to be gradually get rid of the image of the original mysterious and high cold, to become colorful, gentle and full of the milk of human kindness. Apple is more way to show yourself, look at the cook Twitter, full of support for environmental protection as well as to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) support people’s rights. He cheered for apple to use environmental sustainable materials, he is gradually strengthen the apple’s benefits and increase of various social charity donations. At WWDC background, willing to cook with a lot of enthusiastic developers pose (pictured above).

the cook at the helm of apple s, about the company one of the most challenge is to “lose creativity”. However ivey (Jonathan Ive) this is apple fans like worship jobs so worship of cook and apple designer so evaluation. “To tell the truth, I didn’t feel what change”. Including the pursuit of new products. “The development of the iPhone of apple now atmosphere and at the time the same.”.

ive also defended the cook said: “for all the people, give some patience is a difficult thing”, “for jobs, so for the cook.” Ivey think, cook has never weaken apple key mission: innovation.

put the right talent in the right position

however, cook, after all, not jobs, he is an expert in a supply chain, is a mature enterprise manager, but he is not a product of the era of Steve jobs that look beyond a genius. The past apple, Steve jobs is the core of the product process. The iPhone browser engineer Francisco Tolmasky revealed to reporters, jobs or even a week and meet all kinds of engineers, personally check product schedule.

apple employees can find jobs and ive had lunch together almost every day. Cook and ivey meet three days a week, now in the office or cook ivy’s office. But ive think design process, there is no any change. “Steve establish focus and tone completely continue down.” Small creative team of operation mode, organization of material and the method of supply chain in the cook time remains. And more importantly, the continuation of apple values: focused entirely on the product.

ive said: “if Mr Jobs is obsessed with the design, the cook’s duty is deliberating fine considerate”, carefully take the time to cook the decomposition process, “confirmed to some of the things he thinks are important”.

apple staff members often compliment the cook approachable and intellect. But others said the cook don’t like Steve jobs involved in product development. They are referring to apple’s wearable devices (may be called iWatch), the cook did not too much to participate in the second half will be listed on the new product design and development. Reporter to apple, of course, prove, apple declined to comment.

however, as Mr Jobs’s last words, he wants to cook, don’t think too much “jobs will be how to deal with the problem”, but according to cook their own way to deal with. Cook not obsessed with design like Steve jobs, but cook know let the right people to do the right thing. Cook know they can’t replace Steve jobs, he is more willing to give a number of elite to its duty to complete the jobs the original task. These people have more dedicated hardware ivey, more focus on the software design of Craig Federighi, director of the music Eddy Cue. Cook also more willing to introduce external talents. He drew at burberry, former CEO of fashion marketing Angela Ahrendts to responsible for the apple online store. He also drew on Adobe’s CTO Kevin lynch and health testing equipment company Masimo Michael O ‘Reilly, to participate in the research and development of iWatch. Not to mention the $3 billion acquisition of Beats in a big way to the second character of the music industry’s most influential Dr. Dre and love Owen into the apple team.

cook joined apple in 1998. His love understand apple, apple, in addition to put the right people in right position, the cook is not a lack of courage to carry out personnel changes. Make will foster (Scott Forstall) out of the apple is on the iOS 7 big design change is very brave, and triggered a massive debate. But look back a year later, we have to admit that cook as well.

cook has done?

cook critics may deliberately ignored his grades. In cook, apple’s ruling this three years, apple has gone through a lot of things, cook, also made a lot of decisions.

cook decided to release a smaller, while jobs for this assumption is not interested in that year. According to the third party, according to now the mini has accounted for 60% of the sales. Facts have proved that the mini is a great success.

also decided to cook the iPhone rich product line, last year launched together metal iPhone 5 c and colorful iPhone 5 c. Maybe 5 c is not as successful as 5 s, but it also achieved good sales performance. Whether it’s 64 – bit processors, M7 coprocessor and TouchID fingerprint identification, the iPhone 5 s for Android to form the effective suppression, and firmly established the apple’s strong position in the high-end market.

at the same time, through cooperation with carriers, apple sales in Japan and China is greatly enhanced. For the iPhone and Docomo cooperation breakthrough new sales of more than 50% market share in Japan, and China’s operators to enhance cooperation also brought a large number of new users to apple.

in the cook’s tenure, apple’s contract in Asia at foxconn scandal (labor environment disputes, jump off a building… Type), cook crisis public relations well, spent this crisis.

in the cook same term, apple has increased investment in environmental protection, and successfully make the apple tree is an environmental friendly enterprise.

apple’s shares once crossed $600 billion, creating the highest market value in human history. Market then in can then maintain high-speed growth for apple, apple’s share price is low nearly halved. In the past half a year, however, apple’s market value is back above $five hundred billion highs. Unlike Mr. Jobs, cook is willing to choose more flexible financial strategy, including stock repurchase and stock splits.

WWDC, more confident apple

in early apple worldwide developers conference (WWDC14) participants can feel, a more lively and confident apple is before they emerge. In the past two years, apple and cook have a cautious even slightly nervous in front of the media, and in the WWDC, cook and Federighi showing unprecedented relaxed, a put down the heart to recognize her easily.

although there are not understand the technology industry business media (here is in the science and technology level is far below the level of business reports Forbes magazine) criticize the WWDC apple did not release the hardware (the magazine really don’t understand WWDC event has been a software developer?) But in the meeting, we see the apple planning for the future road of confidence.

apple ecological interoperability, strengthen the connection between apple devices, at the same time through Homekit and HeathKit to include more hardware in apple software and hardware in the combination of ecological type. At the same time through the opening of TouchID let the developer community to enjoy apple at the hardware level of innovation. Apple WWDC on ecological support for the type of software and hardware, the iOS 8 up almost all the users of the iPhone software for pain points. Predictably, the autumn will have a harvest in hardware. A larger screen of the iPhone, wearable equipment and the development of the third party hardware, the use of new apis for the various applications of innovation…

in the face of the Android on the breadth of spread, apple decided to strengthen depth. Steve jobs released the same for this train of thought, decided to cook on the road that a further.

curse of large Numbers

before, of course, this does not mean that the cook is a royal road to learning. This fall, apple will have big test. The authority of the media have confirmed that apple will release wearable devices, this is apple’s first real cook times new product line. Its performance will let the outside world it is concluded that “apple still the same, or the conclusion of” apple is no longer in innovation “.

the failure of apple’s voice still fills the air. M.I.T Sloan school of business professor Michael A.C usumano visited the apple headquarters, interviewed some apple former incumbent employees and workers and their conclusions are open “the company has lost his heart and soul”.

and, more importantly, the company size is too big to maintain high-speed growth seem nearly impossible. Assuming apple in wearable device (let’s call it iWatch) sold 10 million iWatch sale one year, it is a great achievement for any company, but it probably will only apple eps increases by about one percent.

for the cook, the pursuit of higher profits and growth, it is his responsibility to safeguard the interests of the shareholders. However, profit is not cook consider only the starting point of the matter. He often quoted Martin Luther King, jr., John f. Kennedy brothers. Cook said in a speech: “very early on, I saw and experienced a lot of discrimination”, all of these actually “is rooted in the people and for those who don’t flow with most people fear”.

the cook had said just do the right thing. When being asked “Right to disappearance,” cook said in front of investors: “we do things, because these things fair and correct.” , “if you want me to () only through simple return on investment to make a decision, then please clear our stock. It’s as simple as that.”

this answer triggered sustained applause, including from the apple board member al gore of Mr. But apple shareholders Justin Dahof said: “never speak to the reaction of CEO”.

the era of Steve jobs has gone from us. Cook is with their own values and management way to reshape the future of apple. Market competition is intensifying, between apple and Google will be contested in the areas of cloud services and the future platform in the future. Waiting for cook in front of, there are many difficult decisions.

the cook took over as apple CEO in August 2011, has been almost 3 years. In this three years, the cook made his own things to do, is a good or even great CEO. Cook not jobs, of course, but he don’t have to be jobs.

at the end of the article word

At the end of the

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this article refer to the New York times article (NYT is a wall, ladder, please forward to watch), also refer to a lot of can’t list of articles, news reports, and mixed the personal feeling. Pictured above from IBTimes.

in wen’s discourse at the end of the article, I said I couldn’t agree with some friends too lightly come to the conclusion that “apple is decay”, so to get an article on the subject of apple. Is this article.

whether you like it or not, don’t agree with my point of view, but don’t use “small make up is devoted for this identity judgment. Because I was spent more than $100 in Google Play to buy Google Fanboy paid apps and books. As a meal, I insist that should understand and respect the opponent.

each have their own fans, the fans often broke out between all kinds of words. The iOS and Android fans fans often become “who is copying who” phase with foam. I also compiled before, then a reader message said “android is copied on the whole, the founder is apple employees”.

so the next article, I want to comb the history as objective as possible is stated “plagiarism” history between iPhone and Android, and rubin, founder of the Android and apple founder Steve jobs between those things. Tentative title for the back to make track for today: iOS and Android who is copying who?” . Stay tuned, also can not expect XD