The cool and fully backed day cat 618 electric daqo presses

On June 4,

the message, “618” approaches, promoting electricity years of smoke, 3 c digital, mobile phone, electricity PK centralized resource competition category also began to the manufacturer. Four veteran reporter learned that, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers zte, huawei, cool, association (hereinafter referred to as “the cool group”), will force a day this year 618 cats, not only stock quantity beyond double tenth last year, also out of the day the cat custom, starting new product, the mainstream popularity war electricity years promoting, and play on will also diversification.

a, according to people close to zte years promoting is the mobile TV business channel sales a year, this year day cat, mobile phone category innovation and zte cat cat day exclusive early testing the waters, the 618 is also unprecedented.

in fact, in addition to the cool, millet, apple, samsung, philips, and many other well-known brands at home and abroad have opened Tmall official flagship store, apple is the only move into the Tmall. Ai media consulting CEO zhang yi says that these companies have cat flagship store in the day, some companies even fight the past, the double tenth year this year to promote will inevitably there will be a big move.

Cat electric city

day, said zhang jun, general manager of the mobile telecommunication industry vertical operation and the businessman deep strategic cooperation, day cat consumers will get a “good product, good price, good service” mobile shopping experience.

since the start of the day the cat activity in the mobile phone industry. In early April, zte cat cat day exclusive first, and use the way such as T code for manufacturing fan interactive marketing new pattern. Announced on April 18, Tmall circuit city and domestic mainstream mobile phone brands such as zte, huawei, cool, mobile communication, telecom operators, virtual operators and mobile phone “the contractor” and auditions, love s&d signed strategic cooperation, to build China mobile e-commerce ecosystem. On the same day, several mobile telecommunication industry giant with Tmall signing of electric city amounted to 30 billion yuan, only China telecom signed annual mobile phone sales Numbers over 2 million units.

in addition, Tmall circuit city will increase this year for mobile phones category electric business support, launched “underwriting custom”, “Tmall PHONE”, “020 cities than shop”, “C2B” project cooperation plan, such as integration of tao, bargain, and from many resources, such as synchronous PC + wireless APp marketing, at the same time with the aid of the contractor’s channel, communication operators, chain stores, and taobao distribution system, etc., for mobile PHONE manufacturers to provide “package” one-stop solution, help more enterprise rapid accumulation of brand reputation, in the era of smart phones.

the relevant data shows, zte, huawei, cool, lenovo, is one of the four mainstream smartphone manufacturers in mainland China, Q4 2013, these four companies ranked the top 10 global smartphone sales.