The country against pornography and illegal publications: fast spread bawdy pornography was investigated

according to the voice of China “news evening peak” report, the country against pornography and illegal publications office released this afternoon: shenzhen fast information technology company spread bawdy pornography information was investigated.

the country against pornography and illegal publications do said, after investigation confirmed that fast in the process of the company to provide Internet information services, information dissemination of pornographic content, behavior, and if the circumstances are serious.

the relevant controller introduces, yesterday, the communications administration of guangdong province have been served on fast broadcast company administrative penalty opinions told book told book for fast broadcast company impose a revoke the administrative penalty of a value-added telecommunications business license fast company to raise any objection on the spot. At the same time, the fast spread bawdy pornography information broadcast company behavior suspected of a crime is constituted, the public security department investigation has been filed, and detained several suspects.

it is understood that the Beijing municipal public security and copyright department seized in the law enforcement inspection at the end of 2013 fast 4 servers of company management, and fined 250000 yuan. Identified, of which the storage more than 3000 pornographic video. In march of this year, relevant departments of the related applications and column on fast broadcast company monitoring, also found a large number of pornographic video. On April 22, police officers into the quick survey company shenzhen headquarters, the general attention again.

at present, the office is still on pornographic and illegal publications fast of bawdy pornography video for further identification of the company store. The country against pornography and illegal publications do relevant personnel introduces, the case in the further processing.