The couple want to use the solar energy circuit of galley highway, but also raised $1 million

two Idaho couple Julie and Scott Brusaw has long been committed to the research of pave the way for solar panels, this time they raised $1 million on Indiegogo platform, Brusaw couple said they would reform, optimizing the production process of product, so as soon as possible within the scope of the comprehensive promotion of solar energy panels paving plan.

let solar electricity wall-to-wall road 】

proposed solar panels paving devised Brusaw couple has successively from the federal highway administration won two rounds of investment, the actual built a model using solar panels laid parking lot and use aggrandizement glass panels, claims to bearing 250000 pounds, which contains the microprocessor and LED lights, support network and provide lighting.

theory perfect practice difficult 】 【

in theory, use the asphalt for solar panels, after laying panels offered power will be able to achieve the three times of the total electricity demand. Solar Roadway design can also help, instead of pavement drainage in heavy rain weather cable, help snowmelt avoid heavy snow road, at the same time can also provide lighting and alarm, such as a moose crossing roads, etc.

but dreams often plump, reality is the backbone, from the model to the actual production has always been a lot of innovative design meets the bottleneck.

Solar Roadway projects are faced with the difficulty is high cost in the first place. In 2010 when the project first attracted attention, science and technology writer Aaron Saenz said Solar Roadway is a high cost item – the road area of nearly 29000 square miles, need 5.6 billion Solar panels, cost will reach 56 trillion, quickly caught pave the way for gold. , according to results from Brusaw couple themselves to provide solar panels of paving cost will be higher than the traditional asphalt at least 50%. business editor Joel Anderson also points out that solar panels paving technology is not yet mature, there is no technical guarantee can’t rushed to replace the asphalt. Such as the case of Solar Highway plan of this kind of Solar panels laid along the way seems more practical. May be due to the Solar Roadway’s vision is too bold, GE, Google has expressed concern of the level is not on the actual investment.

the high cost problem is still, the creator attitude optimistic 】

the Solar Roadway has solved most of the technical issues, including maintaining the road between the plot, stored Solar energy, and grid power transmission and the durability of toughened glass panel material and so on. But so far, the high cost cost is already exists in the Solar Roadway in front of a big problem.

Brusaw couple said the Solar Roadway have contact some users well, will be put into use after the completion of the project, but they did not give further information. Brusaw couple also mentioned at the same time, the Solar Roadway profit way in addition to the power supply will also consider combining with LED lights advertising, for electric vehicle charging, etc., while the plan sounds more like brainstorming idea rather than higher feasibility of business plan.

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Via: The Verge