The direction of the intelligent routing is MacPro millet will push the PC

hunting cloud network on April 28,

what he was about millet router, have what problem, it is in a heated discussion, hunting cloud network in millet router before then, discuss the problem.

you hunting opinion of this product is: like millet router with the function of the NAS network storage server products, due to incomplete expanded function of ecological system platform and, for the average user or useless, also belong to the high-end users within one to two years products, hard to popularize.

so smart router exactly what platform will be in a future ecological, how to integrate the product function, with high practical value than in ordinary people?

integration of smart TV, host, towards the Mac pro

about the intelligent product properties of the router, hunting you point of view is:

he is a “lightweight” family server, as a network service experience backend support people. Intelligent router’s thinking is the personalization of Internet back-end also to users, on the basis of future popularization, later to overturn the existing Internet.

in the field of preference for integrated digital devices, intelligent router must integrate the PC host and smart TV. On the one hand, after the integration of higher cost performance, squeeze out the extra platform, on the other hand can make developers more focused on a single platform.

after the intelligent router function gradually strong, the road of integration is inevitable.

is now on the market has been the future intelligent router reference apple’s Mac pro (plus routing functions). Of course the future intelligent router will under the condition of realizing the function of Mac pro, at the same time keep their price are lower than those of the millet router.

smart routers such development road, and behind the ARM and IC solutions are happy to see and have been trying to.

smart router is accompanied by the development of mobile Internet lightweight front-end development, the inevitable result of the back-end severe collection.

to promote a router, the millet will push PC products

smart router is a with apple TimeCapsule almost products, far from achieving the heavy like Mac pro backend. The future integration of smart TV, PC is still very far away, in a very long period of time he independently existing function value is very low.

it’s natural to surrounding needs to improve his product function value, thereby increasing the desire of people. Now really can bear the task is only one: that is the PC!

cloud network hunting about this in a certain analysis.

is the essence of the intelligent router in the PC is hard to split intelligent router, in order to gain a better resource utilization. In this case, directly to the two together, into the PC price, intelligent router don’t omit the price threshold directly?

as a result, millet to vigorously promote intelligent router, PC will be a strategic location.

at the current spread of nvidia and Intel two versions of the tablet, also can see millet move to the next step. Push Intel’s version of the slag experience tablet, millet is not crazy?

the reason can only be millet to push the notebook!

What kind of PC

millet push?

the pace of development with millet router, millet or by this time next year will launch millet PC (laptop) project beta, will also be rectified demo like millet routing, finally introduced.

millet PC similar to the MacBook or chrome in configuration, is a lightweight front-end products. Using the latest Intel product solutions, and 64 g, 128 g two versions of the solid-state drives, carrying win9 with their own research and development based on Linux (or chrome, but at the current Google’s attitude and millet future ecological layout, less likely) system of millet, with thin and long range characteristic of problem-don’t (fever).

of course, if the millet system, run the branch is higher, more lasting life. Jinshan, cheetah for its bespoke based on system at the bottom of the WPS, browser, anti-virus software, as well as the application the apes are built office optimization software and hardware.

in playability, amateur image processing, portrait of beautification, video editing function, will by itself or with the beautiful launched in the form of other manufacturers.

this year on millet will improve the beautiful miui gallery and video clips of the technical function, or choose one or two this venture investment company, to accumulate reserve technical strength.

last very important point is: many features will be introduced in the form of with millet routers allocate processing data, and open API: developers want to develop better in millet router app, must fit the PC version of millet system!

the promotion and popularization of intelligent router is a very difficult process, with reference to intelligent household heat to fry capital market in the short term, a year or two, but in long run intelligent household more unreliable.

in the gap of the concept of capital, millet is bound to seek a foothold for intelligent router. Subversion PC is indeed a good capital concept.