The entrepreneurial practice: 90% of small team in the jump condition

the author: Liang Ning

the jump is not wrong. It is a necessary part of practice, the inevitable. Trapped in the length of the jump condition is different from person to person, but to break out all capability.

but trapped in the jump condition for many years, is affects the quality of life. Read xu childe sheng hong “fugue” and to “into the jump”, “break” in error a roll, and heart feeling.

business such as practice. I have business, once into the false nature. Speaking is a bit miserably, into the jump, in that instant is the moment I decided to venture to do company.

into what is false? In short, is a common heart. One of the most famous “into” in error. Is Don Quixote Anyone with a common heart, don’t do what he does.

in an era of knight’s window has been closed, insisting he wants to be a knight. He wants to be your most enviable one of that group of people, have their stories, completely don’t care or don’t want to honest timing, personal characteristics, configuration problems. He even ignore the locked target exactly is true existence, 30 or never comes in February. On the road Don Quixote.

his configuration: a thin old horse, a rusty spear, a ragged helmet, coupled with a no knight companion.

he to the pursuit of glory and immortality. You can’t wake a body in the “jump”.

want to cut, go to the love of Jane Austen, said the man is a liar; Said to the cai-ling wang in the “spring”, you will never be a star; To just start a business, I say, you do it. Everyone in the jump condition has been extraordinarily high and sensitive.

in 2009, I asked Mr. CAI to my small company, do training for team communication. Later, he wrote a email to me, said: “Liang Ning, we are friends, so I endure for two days, but still have to say to you, would you want to do, your team can’t.” I reply: “would rather stop being friends with you, also don’t want you to say I am a bad team.” I can work overtime to stay up late, not to be understood, he who loses a friend, but don’t want anyone to say: you do nothing.

I ponder lei jun, so brave man why 17 years of bitter guard jinshan: opponent (Microsoft), have their own configuration is too low, battle fought hard, team take is not easy, must have a hero, don’t want to retire, bitter, no distractions. Is in error condition.

so when lei jun jump out, no longer admired the hero. Jinshan before products are named after someone bully: iciba, shadow, rebar, DuBa… He set off again, the company name is: millet.

this paragraph of time to see dozens of start-ups, 90% of small team in the jump condition. Peak day received 12 BP, eight do wearable equipment, three do so-and-so bracelet. Of the same orientation, homogeneity of products and similar technology, war of attrition.

I remember his days in the jump condition, how to get the illusion of false and insignificant progress to motivate yourself again and again, to the state of the high hopes to persuade others to believe in yourself.

“I” in the face of yesterday, today I don’t know how to say: “eldest brother, you at the moment in the jump condition.” Into the false, the heart into the jump condition. But the flesh is still in the physical world, the enterprise is in the market rule.

so, in the jump condition, will take several times or even one hundred times of suffering. And do our best for all sorts of all sorts is not smooth, not expected… All sorts of doubts.

the song “old boy”, “the dream is always out of reach, whether I should give up?” Once let me instant tears fall. But if not jump, with common heart, do ordinary things, you can only have a common.

in jump condition and reality, the desire, pressure difference, the fear and excitement that last for years pressed himself in work 14 hours a day, will be profound self-doubt, step by step go today, which is abducted by someone’s expectation and emotion, which is blind worship of plagiarism, which belongs to the real you…

so, into the jump is not wrong. It is a necessary part of practice, the inevitable. Trapped in the length of the jump condition is different from person to person, but to break out all capability.

but trapped in the jump condition for many years, is affects the quality of life.

how to jump out of it? It is simple: find yourself, find common heart.

in the fugue, shi ye the wind to the teacher the gentleman how about their breaking out the error: “really don’t go according to the error condition, what to do, is to do. Is what person, what to do.”

my broken slightly special moment in error. I will calculate horoscope, interesting is also not calculated for myself at the time, because I never think it is necessary. The more rich man of courage, the more easily trapped in the jump condition, that is suitable for me.

2010 a night, I stay in the office, open your own horoscope. Want to find a little more hope, I am a man of the destiny of a thing, I change planes at what point will appear, I’ll have…

I cold light looked at his horoscope, heart, said these things, I had to know. The moment, I accept myself just a ordinary people, and then heard the sound of a fracture.

from then on, is sensitive to the characteristics of the error condition. In 2011, for example, online conference, invited a group of CEO lined up to hug sora aoi. Read the news, I’m beside friends say, that it will be “Armageddon” in error. Only in the error condition, would do such a thing. Entrepreneurs such as practice, through one of the hide not to drop.

Before he died,

Don Quixote requirements have burned his martial arts novels. He said goodbye to the jump. All normal story disappeared without trace, people with complex emotions, laugh at Don Quixote made him immortal.

so, today I will patiently waiting for the group of trapped in the rubble of their jump condition brothers, wait for they find themselves, be common in mind to reassess the inheritance of the hands, break out in error. Would it be the capability in them. After I will encourage them to upgrade themselves to find the tuyere. People who received a jump in, can really understand what is conveniently.

thou dragon said, life is your chi. Obsessed with people to become famous sword, obsessed with the sentiment of people to get the truth. Maybe, everyone who had jump.