The expo will not delay?

weibo listed critical moment, discussion on weibo development on the market is heating up again. However, affected by the market environment, the current comment on the weibo, sing or what is the mystery behind the empty? Weibo delay or not?

the overall market downturn

recently, the overall stock market trend is bad, the United States capital markets have tumbled since February, the nasdaq index below 4000 for the first time since February 3rd April 7 — — — — — a week on April 11, the nasdaq is down 3.08%, its biggest weekly decline in two years, disk, biotechnology and technology sector led by the market.

global investors led a rally in the stock market in technology stocks, it is just the common stock market fluctuations. According to the Wall Street journal, the United States on April 10th, the nasdaq composite index hit a the biggest one-day drop since the two and a half years, tencent amazon and Twitter, Facebook, all ZouXiong global technology giants.

session on April 10, the nasdaq composite index fell 129.79 points, or 3.1%. Nasdaq Internet index fell 4.6%, its biggest since November 2011 the three days of losses. The Internet giant Google, amazon and yahoo fell more than 4%, while Facebook and Netflix decline reached 5.2%.

in addition, the probable shares also downturn, fell on April 10. Including Vipshop, long bang digital era, togetherness, where to go, 58 city, sina, lanting collection of potential, with stocks down more than 5%, of which three or more than 10% of the shares of China media (13.14%), blue sin communications (10.39%) and in science and technology (10.19%), and a trading session before 12.69% of dangdang between fell 9.48%.

is known as “domestic medical first shares” aikang ambassador Wednesday on the nasdaq, on the first day opening price at $16.5, compared with the $14 ipo price rose 17.86%, closing at $15.2, or 8.57%, but the result is considered “flat”. Icahn ambassador shares fell to $13.45 at present, had also down nearly 4%. After land stock market of China’s IT vocational education in the first wave of science and technology, the current share price already fell to $7.16, compared with the $9 price has dropped 20%.

in addition to any shares in, biotechnology and other tech stocks IPO recently also not smooth, mobile gaming companies listed on March 26, King (King) first-day shares fell nearly 16%, on April 10, another biotechnology company listed on the Cerulean (CERU) have appeared in the break.

the overall market downturn, but in the U.S. stock market is facing another huge is stock financing, there are still many enterprises listed on the line. In addition to the weibo, Chinese Internet giant alibaba and jingdong mall, etc. Also in the process of going public. The volatility of technology stocks in the United States will no doubt bring almost ipos in some negative effects, market pressure is bigger also.

however, the market performance is not assume empty talk, but hungry conspiracy theories cassandras often thrown at this time. Who is the biggest victim? I’m afraid not listed companies, but the line listed Internet companies, sina weibo, jingdong, Meituan, gather beauty is superior, the way cattle travel network and so on.

will delays?

a lot of companies have break, it is bound to cause the investors of any shares in the speculation, for almost u.s.-listed shares in hot again.

with sina weibo, is America’s weibo roadshow will draw up in American depositary shares a share IPO pricing interval $$17 to 19, the highest amount of $437 million, weibo listed after the market value of about $3.857 billion.

this valuation than in the middle of last month announced a $5 billion when the prospectus submitted to low, but considering the overall environment of the global market, it is still a reasonable valuation. On Twitter and Linkedin shares are down by 30%, than the highest weibo valuation was cut in the market’s answer. Imagine, if the weibo not send a rose, I’m afraid to investors into a panic, it is not weibo valuation, but doubts over the entire stock market.

in the face of recession, weibo announced to raise funds limit cut, clearly we can see is reserved for public space, the reserved shares rose consideration for the interests of investors. And on valuation, the valuation of $4 billion compared with before intermediate value of $5 billion is expected to shrink by 20%, consistent with the overall market’s recent performance.

weibo adjustment plans, must have the thinking of many sided, but the cassandras selectively ignore to the overall environment, valuations are attractive, sing the empty rhetoric, is that all of the shares or technology stocks were overvalued?

in fact, the capital of China’s Internet industry always not calm. Net of the qin dynasty in 2011 was listed on the eve of the media exposure of its partners is malicious behavior, absorption is someone pointed out is another security company behind his back. Potatoes listed ahead even spread is seeking a buyout by its competitors at that time, others point to a malicious smear. Who is singing from bo is unknown, but behind this bad-mouthing behavior reflect the law of the jungle of the Internet industry is still there. Just ignore the cassandras that current weibo has irreplaceable value in the information dissemination.

on sale from the raised lines and stake, financing is not the important purpose of weibo, after all, in terms of commercialization, weibo single quarter has been able to achieve profitability; $380 million in alibaba three years cooperation deals to a certain extent, also has provided the safeguard for weibo development; Pre-ipo ali to take larger shares in sina weibo into also brought cash reserves for weibo, to support the development of weibo have absolutely no problem. Ten thousand steps back, even in this point in time, announced the delay listed for weibo, also have no loss.
And unique in the current market environment, can the listed is a hero, is the value of the weibo, social media has landmark significance for China. For landmark significance.