The foreign trade business difficult! Ali should pass a da tong send subsidies for the enterprise

Ma Yunceng said many times, to make “there is no difficult to do business”. In China’s foreign trade enterprises is more and more hard, alibaba and opened fire.

on May 13, ali international platform announced subsidies for domestic export enterprises to issue the foreign trade service every dollar exports earn up 3 cents RMB subsidies. These enterprises need through the “da tong” platform to complete the export process. Ali’s move outside of the better service for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also hope to attract more foreign trade enterprise to use foreign trade integrated service platform, from the precipitation of China’s foreign trade enterprise logistics, customs clearance, such as data, set up B2B trade credit system, help foreign trade enterprise to better participate in international competition.

for China’s small and medium-sized enterprises, export of foreign trade was the scenery infinite domain. But the slowdown in the global economy, the domestic involved in foreign trade enterprises to surge in the number of cases, these small and medium-sized enterprises increasingly encountered the problem of lower manufacturing costs, profit space is more and more.

the problem and the solution to the problem is almost at the same time. Alibaba is also at this time through subsidies in order to attract foreign trade enterprises to carry the many trading links to online, via the Internet to reduce costs.

in the traditional transaction process, foreign trade enterprises need to pass the customs, tax, commodity inspection, foreign exchange, insurance, shipping, and other links, deal flow for a long time, affect efficiency. And “da tong” this online platform is the service by the new way for the foreign trade enterprises to optimize the process, reduce the cost.

alibaba said the time service subsidies will “export respectively for 2 or 3 cents a dollar renminbi” two standards. Subsidies in 2 cent mainly refers to the trading link part rely on artificial service is completed, three cent is fully used to complete the online platform. And, the service subsidies will be effective for a long time.

service also provide subsidies, free of charge these costs come from? Alibaba foreign trade integrated services department general manager Mr. Introduction, integration after order, for a basic services such as Banks, logistics companies, customs agency, the foreign trade service platform is a virtual ‘big clients’, platform can obtain a lower cost and more efficient way to complete the export of circulation. This is the so-called service bonus.

alibaba B2B business group President Wu Minzhi further noted that future export enterprises can not only enjoy subsidies, may also according to the exports to get a percentage of small loans.

build ecosystem of foreign trade

in difficult circumstances the whole foreign trade industry, ali why still dare by lowering the profit space to send subsidies? In fact, the number in attracting companies at the same time, greater ambition is the big data value behind the trade links, and more perfect ecosystem of foreign trade in accordance with this build. This is similar to taobao, day cat pattern.

“foreign trade deal is a long process, from the signing of the contract to the customs declaration declare dutiable goods transportation, each process are very real, also can produce a large amount of data, we use to provide services to small and medium-sized enterprises, involved in the transaction process, also can clearly grasp the transaction data and other information” Wu Minzhi is introduced.

these based on actual transaction data of precipitation down, you can see the credit of an enterprise, like cat sellers taobao day, with trading records, have a credit score, evaluation. These settle logistics based on actual transaction data, tax rebates, such as information, will be small and medium-sized enterprise credit vouchers and wealth.

Wu Minzhi said that alibaba a da tong platform in the service of accumulated data at the same time, can not only build a credit system, which can grow more developing the more perfect foreign trade ecosystem.

this means that the foreign trade enterprises to do every transaction in the future will have a track record, and who do the business, how much turnover, will leave by the foreign trade comprehensive service data were presented. Through foreign trade integrated services, precipitation under the small and medium-sized enterprises of China’s foreign trade logistics, customs clearance, such as data, a new credit system in foreign trade.

in the first place in the big data derived on the basis of the credit system, which will greatly reduce the buyers and sellers of the cost of “trust”, buyers and sellers can easily judge each other according to the credit system of integrity and strength, and faster to complete the match, a deal.

on the other hand, the credit system and promoting the healthy development of the industry, for the domestic foreign trade enterprises, the good enterprise credit evaluation will get more orders, and also can, in turn, can promote enterprise credit system for improving the quality of the services and.

and extended to the whole economy, foreign trade enterprises by the credit system, can even more convenient to obtain financing loans and other financial services, and these are there for many years our country foreign trade field.