The future mobile phone screen can do a paternity test? !

in the future, your smart phone screen could detect if you have a cold, and even your DNA analysis!

Montreal school of engineering (Polytechnique Montreal) research personnel and corning gorilla glass manufacturers are developing a sensor can analyze your saliva droplets screen.

the sensor will be embedded smart phone screen, which enables users to measure body temperature, people with diabetes also can measure blood pressure; At the same time, in theory, it can also cooperate with some smart home platform, such as apple HomeKit in order to send more healthy index data to the user in real time.

although there are rumors that apple iPhone after 6 screen will abandon with corning Gorilla glass to sapphire crystal glass, but corning’s move, apple may be more a reason to trust corning.

according to the optical society of America journal called open source Express description, the product research and development team have created what they call “the light of the first set of laser writing guide system”, leading the team for product development. “But at the same time, we are in the pried open Pandora’s box”, the related study co-author, Montreal engineering college of electrical engineering and engineering physics professor, said in a statement. He also said that the technology is feasible, then waiting for the “use it developed the relevant application”.

in addition to smartphones, the team also wants some technology companies can also be this kind of biomedical sensors embedded into other devices, such as Windows and desktop, etc.

in order to implement this idea, the researchers to laser radiation of glass, so as to give small beams to transmit data. Similar to the mechanism of conduction electronic signals with wire, waveguide can be beam propagation path.

by phone implanted waveguide and readable code, manufacturers have more creative space. Although waveguide technology is nothing new, but corning researchers claimed that the team developed a new usage achievements in reducing loss, 10 times better than in the past using laser technology.

after the phone’s screen has also been developed for monitoring carbon monoxide levels in the surrounding air, increase mobile equipment safety coefficient of the device. At present, the temperature sensor and are working on an application for a patent for identity authentication system.