The home of the mobile Internet: car to the left, easy car to the right

as the World Cup, easy car and car home of this round of wrangling over flow of baidu Aladdin is nearing an end. One is listed four years at the layout of the platform, a new media is just the momentum is fierce, this time around baidu PC and mobile Aladdin battle for a $300 million traffic entrance battle is definitely not that simple. Behind this contains the two companies and properties of different genes, as well as the development trend of the Internet on car anticipation.

Aladdin, PC and mobile strategic bet on

fundamentals, easy car to move the Aladdin, 130 million car Aladdin home of 200 million PCS. Capital markets to respond quickly, June 4 (PC baidu auction Aladdin) to June 18, easy car lost PC on the same day, Aladdin had a one-day plunge, and the next day with easy car for mobile, Aladdin began to strong gains, since the shares close to an all-time high.

capital markets for easy car that Aladdin decision made a positive response, from the analysis on public information there are two reasons: first, as mobile end, easy car dependence on PC Aladdin decline year by year. Stop cooperation, after baidu natural rankings released, 360 and the other PC channel fill quantity and hedge the possible negative effects; Second, easy car racing mobile Aladdin, “slide backwards, shift to mobile,” and the global mobile Internet rapid rise trend.

car home, baidu PC after Aladdin, bought this stock price rises. Professional evaluation reasons: car home with PC is the real purpose of Aladdin “treated aggressively defend flow”, tend to be relatively mobile strategy, the PC will become the strategic focus for a long time.

(easy car price K map 2014 , 2 on and , ~ 6 on and ,

(home of car price K map 2014 , 2 on and , ~ 6 on and ,

the current home of easy car and car has not been public response to this matter, but recently leaked easy car CEO li bin to employees can internal emails to a certain extent reflects the real attitude of easy car: “we take the initiative to give up PC Aladdin, Aladdin and continue our cooperation movement.” “Compared with the mobile Aladdin, PC in easy car has no strategic Aladdin.” Easy things low-key, after publicly available information, not too much to mention to the mobile strategy, through this show, apparently easy car has been declared to the mobile terminal transformation strategy determination. Transformation, of course, is to protect the PC or mobile access to the real strategic victory, the final market is also needed to talk.

car Internet, mobile tiebreaker

according to iresearch mUserTracker4 month, according to data from easy car monthly users covering digital mobile station site in the car. Two of its most major mobile App “car quotation of” and “easy car” covering 7.6476 million monthly users, an edge.

(ariely mUserTracker April data)

mobile terminal, in addition to the user data, on the commercial layout, easy car also quietly set the App and the layout of the mobile station to obtain sales leads. In the first quarter of 2014, easy car mobile terminal to the dealer to nearly PC sales leads, 47%, and the data of more than 55% in May. Easy car CEO li bin said: “the transition easy car is moving quickly to end, are expected to two or three years later, easy car to the dealer to 80% of sales leads will be through the mobile end.”

however in the tiebreaker easy car still faces two challenges: one is the strategic public as mobile end, its main competitors are likely to give up the PC, follow in strategy; Started with the second is the home of car by BBS, its viscosity is higher than easy car. So how to make use of the characteristics of the mobile Internet, catch the fragmented time, fully meet user requirements, improve the mobile user viscosity of the products is easy car need to deep thinking of problem.

mobile Internet: the home of the left, easy car to the right

on the mobile Internet, easy car and the car home strategy has the very big difference. Easy car thinking, on the one hand, break media on mobile main user demand oriented functional applications, to create the represented by “auto quotation of nearly 20 App, users choose car, car, car, selling cars and replacement of the entire life cycle of mobile product matrix, completed the” closed-loop “for consumers, get the user on each node. In terms of mobile station, easy car slightly, the platform is the main service delivery, and baidu, 360, millet, UC mobile terminal flow entrance have cooperation, also with ctrip, sohu video, youku and gold mobile giant market cooperation, easy car service delivery to these platforms.

car home in the mobile terminal is another set of style, its main product is the home of information-related car App, is essentially a translation of the content of the PC and products to the mobile terminal. On the promotion of choice and UC, millet, the friends of moving resources such as cooperation.

car the development of the Internet has come to a fork. In PC and mobile, media and platform, information and services on the fork, on the layout of the mobile Internet, home of the car and car have continued since the birth of genes, and chose a completely different direction and strategy, and trying to win the competition. A $300 million market, in which the outcome is not yet seen, but the winner must in the nature of the Internet and user demand was born in the company.