The iPhone 6 screen resolution or rose to 1704 x 960, ppi is up to 416

according to a new generation of the iPhone screen resolution from the iPhone 5 s 1136 increased to 640 x 640 x 960. If this message correctly, so rumours in 4.7 inches larger screen of the iPhone will be up to 416 ppi pixel density. You know, since the iPhone 4, iPhone screen pixel density has been 326 ppi.

reported the news media, it is the first exclusive exposure iOS 8 with health monitoring application Healthbook technology press. Therefore, credibility is high.

although for many flagship Android mobile phone, more than 400 ppi has been a standard, but to always stick to “Retina” screen pixels standard for apple, that’s a lot of progress. But that is excusable, because so far, a bigger screen of the iPhone seems will come this year. The increase of the screen size, requires corresponding levels of the screen resolution, in order to provide users with better visual experience.

1704 x 960 resolution means that if it’s 4.7 -inch iPhone, then the screen will reach 416 ppi pixel density. If it’s 5.5 -inch iPhone, then screen pixel density of 356 ppi.

in addition, the report pointed out that a new generation of the iPhone will also maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio. Still, the pixel density increase, will bring a series of necessary changes.

first of all, the visual content such as pictures, animation, application developers need to make corresponding adjustment. In order to make developers more convenient more dimension iPhone application adapter, reported that apple is developing a product called “multi-resolution application development tools”.

second, clearer screen, certainly will make a new generation of iOS to make some changes. For example, the original system operation chart become larger, and so on. Of course, the increase of the screen size, resolution, need the iPhone has a enough to “load” powerful “core”. This means that the performance of the A8 will be significantly increased.

the apple is a fusion of science and technology and experience of the company. It is the vanguard of the science and technology industry, but never blindly to show the advanced technology. Technology is to meet a good experience. Perhaps this is why so many years, the iPhone didn’t follow suit type of competing high screen pixels. Now, with a larger screen the arrival of the iPhone (likely), improve the resolution is also understandable. Anyway, this is a good news for the user. , of course, the premise is the new generation iPhone will not expensive far off the mark.