The iPhone and the tablet is likely to become completely transparent glass!

according to, apple has obtained a new patent, suggests that make its future ability to create transparent glass smart devices. Yes, in the near future, maybe we can see a translucent glass iPhone, toughness is dye-in-the-wood, the device or rumored apple TV.

the article points out that in the light of the glass special vulnerability, apple will adopt unique processing technology, will be cast in harmony together, multichip glass panel and the fragile site article built-in glass reinforcement. On the basis of the guarantee durability, non-friable, apple will also greatly reduced the weight of the glass products.

to build a perfect glass iPhone up seems to be some incredible. In addition to the fragility of glass itself, how to reduce the glass pervious to light quality is also a difficult problem. On this point, apple could use the processing means of frosted glass. Of course, can also be add opaque coating to the back.

as always, the apple of the patent, may never come out. But with the “sandwich” glass since the iPhone 4 aesthetics, and the forthcoming iPhone 6 May be configured sapphire glass screen rumours that apple’s the patent, will no doubt provide the necessary technical foundation for it.

pictured above is derived from the network, as the design concept map