The iPhone or Android? You have to make a choice!

since the iPhone and Android camp since the outbreak of the battle for the king, two disparate platform has been more to the more “immune”. Don’t say is a system level upgrade, even a tiny function updates, will let people put the iPhone and Android “competing” from head to foot.

the endless argument between Fanboy, seems to have spread to the top of the apple and Google. At yesterday’s Google I/O conference in 2014, has always been gentle sander, Ms. Pichardo, restraint and effectively throw the declaration of a’s “own superiority”. He said: “we see iOS 8 by adding a series of functions, such as third-party input method support, support small plug-ins, and so on, these are the Android as early as 4 or 5 years ago already provides users with the most basic functions.” Ms. Pichardo’s speech had to be reminiscent of three weeks ago, in the WWDC 2014 conference, Tim cook when Android flak’s words: “apple’s many new users from Android. They had gone astray, but in the end in order to better experience, boldly into the arms of the us!”

some of the irony is that despite the iPhone and seemingly Andrdoid camps are a pair of deadly enemies, but both are now in the platform for the function and development purposes, more and more tend to be more consistent, at least is convergence is greater than the differentiation. Apple is proposed to keep between iOS and OS X “coherence”, emphasis and Google Android and Chrome OS smooth fusion; Google just released by Google Fit the HealthKit Android version. Under the guidance of the same dream, the same results: build a over all hardware devices, services, application system platform of “everything”, will eventually all user locked in their own walled garden.

for ordinary users, each of our equipment can be intelligently is combined with other equipment, is a very wonderful thing. Today, the iPhone and Android provides us with the possibility, but we have to make a hard decision in both. Choose any of them, means that will be it absolutely loyal users. More and more high walls, and even let you live in. Choose the iPhone or Android, choice is not only a simple issue of mobile phones or preferences. Because of your choice to let you all aspects of life (TV, automotive, health care, etc.), from “bundling” completely gave them both a party.

Google this conference, showed us a more ambitious Android. But whether Android car, Android TV, or Android wearable devices, unified all their equipment “head” seems to be only one – the Android smartphone. Although the Android’s antenna has reached every corner of people’s life, but for now, these “tentacles” all want to be in a certain extent, is controlled by the Android mobile phone. We can even such judgment: Google motivational the Android into Android Internet of things “headquarters” of the ecological system.

Google’s way of thinking that is the case, so that apple’s idea. Apple wants to iPhone as your life total controller. Apple mobile phone through a series of application or service (HomeKit, HealthKit) manage your room, car, entertainment and so on. It is easy to find, Android TV and Apple TV, CarPlay and Anrdroid “overlap” between Auto is greater than the trend of “difference”. Even if the iOS and Android platform again big, they also need to follow the smartphone’s management finally. It is at this point, to distinguish the iPhone and Android.

see this trend not only apple and Google, amazon and Microsoft also took to the mystery. Therefore, amazon recently launched with 3 d display effect of “real” electricity mobile phone FirePhone; Microsoft for years bothered runs themselves at any time may be falling dust WP (of course, Surface).

for ordinary users, once the choice of diversification space now already more and more narrow. Because chose a device at the same time, means that you accepted the equipment hidden behind a series of services, and even a certain ecosystem. To some extent, Google and apple are building, it is all the fashion brands to have or had, a Nike, adidas, willing to make everything related to people’s life of consumer goods, because platform effect can raise the cost of the user’s “escape”.

the iPhone and Android integration not only embodies in the ultimate goal, but also on the specific function. IOS for added “Android has the function of the” four or five years ago by the outside world. Android also because learning iOS L “unified concise” and highly praised. The basic function of it can be said that they both will become more and more the same. But the core function (operation) will still be saved for a long time, the differences between and this will directly affect people’s choices. Once chosen one, the user will be difficult to transform again. Because of apple and will do everything possible, let you get stuck here forever.

prior to 2014, an updated version of iOS and Android focus is different, in view of this, people can’t get the iOS and Android 8 L version of the system are compared and one by one before. But all this has changed this year. We can think so, iOS and Android camp real equality, from this moment.

apple has long been a walled garden. But when we accused apple closed, but don’t know the Android have quietly up the fence. Although the use of a mobile phone in your time still can’t more than 2 to 3 years, but please always remind yourself, your propensity to buy is destined to a different way of life, your future Anddroid style do you want? Or the iPhone style?

PS: in this paper, some borrowed from TheVerge