The media for brain, nokia is not equal to nokia devices and services

the author: @ krypton knife

Layoffs in the

Microsoft has been blown in various media these days, all analysts view, very good. But after seeing so many media on the analysis of science and technology, this time for nokia devices and services department (Windows mobile) under the dead hand of layoffs behavior, this will mark nokia will disappear, I wonder. Microsoft nokia have to sell equipment and services have to do with nokia ceased to exist? Does nokia devices and services (nokia) is the whole of the nokia? Editor of the science and technology media know the scope of business of nokia and Microsoft and nokia trading contents is what? Freely is a nokia does not exist, this let alive in Finland nokia what about me? Some of these science and technology media so loosely how to live up to the media the word? To this end, please press edit again to see the content of the nokia deal with Microsoft.


1. Get the nokia mobile phone business, namely the nokia devices and services.
2. Get the nokia mobile phone business executives and 32000 employees.
3. Get nokia licensing, ten year period, pay attention to is exclusive.
4. Get the authorization of nokia maps HERE.
5. “the company” brand and product, Asha phones as well as the function of machine. The function of machine can use “NOKIA” trademark for ten years.

1. NOKIA continues to be the owner of “NOKIA” brand
2. Nokia also have solutions and network division, the CTO’s office and a large number of patent map and HERE.
3. Nokia’s got about 5.44 billion euros in cash flow.
4. Nokia got Microsoft licensing in map
5. Nokia is still communication technologies such as the owner of a strong patent portfolio, and these can be the patent license to other company.

released from the above content we can clearly know that Microsoft just got a division of NOKIA, and associated with department staff, Microsoft does not get the “NOKIA” brand. “NOKIA” the brand is still belong to the Finland’s NOKIA, and used in the solution now and the network department (NSN), the map business (here) with high and new technology department (CTO). So now, no matter how Microsoft acquired over the department, with “NOKIA” now did not have the relations, NOKIA the layoffs because Microsoft will not get the results of the some analysts. NOKIA is still alive in Finland.

this is a big deal? See what do you think of. But in my eyes, this is a big deal. Say so I’ll take it out, but also hope to get this chance pleaded with each technology in to the general public dissemination of news media, should be precise and accurate, at least for you is our window on the all kinds of information, you have the power to spread. If you spread the information is not accurate, or deliberately not accurate (this is a moral issue) to give us the general public would be caused by the cognitive errors, will not only damage your reported target may also affect its own credibility. So I really hope that next time each technology press in at the time of a story, don’t be afraid to write so few words, please be precise and accurate.

to paraphrase old: I’m not, I am serious. I don’t want to scold you, I just want to let you accurate rigorous.