The ministry of commerce: Microsoft this 200 patents for Android paying $1 billion a year

the ministry of commerce has a document, to us, can let the Android mobile phone to pay up to $1 billion a year in the “licensing fees.

in April this year, the ministry of commerce for “Microsoft buy nokia mobile phone manufacturing sector” antitrust case. Which it released a 20-page statistical forms, fully involved in the acquisition of listed 310 patents related to mobile phone manufacturing, communications technology. In response, Microsoft says, of which 200 is made by an Android phone insurmountable key patents. Not only that, Microsoft also said 70% of Android phones sold in the United States have honestly pay the patent fee.

the foreign media reports pointed out that science and technology, the patent is Microsoft has been reluctant to the public. Because it can cause people about “patent rights” and “patent abuse” discussion again. And whatever the outcome, this seems to be not rely on the software patent authorization “subsistence” Microsoft would like to see.

this document released by the ministry of commerce shows that Microsoft hands to support some of these patents (also includes as a Rockstar Consortium part for patent) design from mobile phone baseband chips to several aspects of the mobile phone software system. Most of the names of the patent is obscure, ordinary users difficult to understand.

after reports that Android need to Microsoft to pay 10 – $2 billion a year of patent licensing fees.