The mobile game developers, Google and apple stand let you choose!

in the field of host game, in order to strengthen their advantages, SONY, Microsoft and nintendo are seeking exclusive game, even all parties are common with the first party game studios, basic only to be platform game manufacturing.

after the situation could no longer confined to host the game field, and with the iOS and Android platform the increasingly heated competition, apple and Google are looking for a third party platform monopoly of the game, for the exclusive games poured more conducive to the spread and the audience for the promotion of resources. After the monopoly game may be relative to the non-exclusive inequality privileges, game developers face a choice: iOS or Android?

in August 2013, EA “plants vs zombies 2” login iOS, apple to vigorously promote the game. Because it and EA signed agreement, monopolize the game for two months. In October, “plants vs zombies 2” Android version is long overdue.

Zeptolab launched “cut the rope” sequel also made a similar choice, this time is the iOS exclusive for three months. Launched in apple’s app store in December last year, this year the end of march to log on to the Android platform.

leisure game site Kongregat CEO Emily Greer, the competition between apple and Google lenovo to compete for the best content “arms race” of the products.

Google cannot sit by while apple, of course, this a series of ecological moat to strengthen its application. Last month, Google and Russia Game application developers Insight, to reach an agreement, the company’s commitment to promote Android robot props in the Game, while the Google app store is recommended for it.

in addition to apple and Google, another Internet giant amazon also in action. Efforts to attract game developers. Amazon’s ambitions beyond gaming platform, but the expansion to the sitting room, amazon’s new television set-top box Fire TV monogamous game handle, is to develop between mobile game and host the “moderate” video game market.